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| Format = MFB Standard
| Format = MFB Standard
| Location = Magnolia Drive Ruston, Lousiana
| Location = Magnolia Drive Ruston, Lousiana
|host = Echizen|winner = DRAGON KING EX|runnerup = Dylan_The Dork}}
|host = Echizen|winner = DRAGON KING EX|runnerup = Dylan_The Dork|name = FeBEYary bash}}

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FeBEYary Bash marks the first WBO tournament ever successfully hosted in Louisiana. The tournament was hosted by Echizen and played under a pavilion, in a park on Magnolia Drive, Ruston, Louisiana and made the minimum 8 attendees. The prize for the top three players were Shogun Steel Beyblades.


  • Echizen
  • Ddog
  • Lawson_3
  • Matthewtheguy
  • Dylan_The Dork
  • DeadPool_


The tournament was performed in Round Robin format, with the three highest scoring players advancing to the finals. DRAGON KING EX and Echizen judged the majority of the battles, with Dylan_ The Dork judging the couple of battles between the main judges. Throughout the preliminary round, almost all players used Stamina customs, with only 2 people daring to use Attack types, especially in the BB-46 Beystadium that was used in roughly half of the battles. This led to an array of long battles resulting in wins by OS. Each of the top 3 players finished the preliminaries tied, each with only one loss, inflicted by each other. Dylan_ The Dork (Death (Defense Mode) Orso H145D) lost to DRAGON KING EX (Phantom (Attack mode) Hades B:D), DRAGON KING EX (Phantom (Attack mode) Hades B:D) lost to Echizen (Duo (Stamina Mode) Cancer SA165TB) and Echizen (Duo (Stamina Mode) Cancer SA165TB (Normal Mode SA165)) beat DRAGON KING EX (Phantom (Attack mode) Hades B:D). DRAGON KING EX (6-1), Echizen (6-1) and Dylan_The Dork (6-1) advanced to the finals.

During the finals all battles were done in the BB-10 Attack Type stadium. Dylan_The Dork (Death (Defense Mode) Orso H145D) first faced Echizen (MSF-L Genbull Dragooon F230GCF (TT Orange F230)) and won 3-0 in their battle. DRAGON KING EX (Reviser Dragooon B:D) then faced Echizen (Duo (Stamina Mode) Cancer SA164EWD (Normal Mode SA165)) and won with a 3-0 score due to a faulty, unbalanced, Mint EWD. For the deciding battle for the tournament winner, DRAGON KING EX (Phantom (Attack mode) Hades B:D) went against Dylan_The Dork (Death (Defense Mode) Orso H145D) and won the battle with the score 3-0 and the tournament with a 8-1 score.

Final Scores and Winning Combinations

  • 1st Place – DRAGON KING EX (8-1): Phantom Hades B: D, Reviser Dragooon B: D, Phantom Hades E230MB and Reviser Saramanda E230MB.
  • 2nd Place – Dylan_The Dork (7-2): Death Orso H145D
  • 3rd Place – Echizen (6-3): Phantom Cancer E230CS, Bahamdia Dragooon BD145 LRF and Duo Cancer SA165TB.
  • 4th Place – Matthewtheguy (3-4)
  • 4th Place – Lawson_3 (3-4)
  • 5th Place – DeadPool_ (2-5)
  • 5th Place - DRAGON PRINCE (2-5)
  • 6th Place – Ddog (0-7)


  • FeBEYary Bash was the first WBO tournament in Louisiana.
  • This venue would be the place of the second ever WBO tournament in Lousiana.
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