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Wang Hu Zhong (ワンフージョン, Wan Fū Jon) is a team featured in the Metal Saga, first appearing in Beyblade: Metal Masters. They are China's representational team. Every member is involved with the Beylin Temple.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Dashan Wang
Rock Zurafa R145WB Leader Active
Chiyun Li
Thermal Lacerta WA130HF Member Active
Chao Xin
Chao Xin
Virgo ED145ES
Poison Virgo ED145ES
Member Active
Aquario 105F Substitute Member Active


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Wang Hu Zhong vs. Gan Gan Galaxy

Wang Hu Zhong debuted when Gan Gan Galaxy came to Bei-Ling after it was decided that both teams will compete in the first round of Big Bang Bladers. Immediately, Mei-Mei and Chi-yun welcomed the team and soon after challenged them. After Mei-Mei and Chi-yun were defeated, Dashan decided to take on Gingka to test his skills. The match ended without a result due to Masamune, but it was made painfully obvious that Dashan would have won. Masamune would next meet Chao Xin at the Great Wall. While Beyblading, Chao Xin was revealed to be a member by himself and the crowd of fans around him. The two would then battle while running along the Great Wall. Chao Xin would be the victor disappointing Masamune and his team. The very next day Chao Xin and Masamune would face each other in the first round with a different outcome, with Masamune as the victor.

The next match would be Chi-yun vs. Tsubasa Otori. Chi-yun first dominated the match but the tide would soon turn due to Tsubasa's dark side. This would next cause Tsubasa to lose when he launches himself out of the stadium, giving Chi-yun the win. The final match Dashan would face his new rival Gingka Hagane. Dashan would go head to head with Gingka for most of the battle, even repelling Gingka's Starbooster attack. Dashan would next use the ancient "Solid Iron Wall" technique of Bei-Ling. Gingka would eventually topple the 4,000 year old strategy and defeat Dashan handing Wang Hu Zhong a defeat.

Wang Hu Zhong vs. Excalibur

Wang Hu Zhong would soon land in France to compete in the wild card competition to get a spot back in the tournament. Wang Hu Zhong would then help there friends in Gan Gan Galaxy to practice against the European Team, Excalibur. Wang Hu Zhong would tie with Gan Gan Galaxy in a tag team match after displaying superior skills. Gan Gan Galaxy would wish Wang Hu Zhong luck and the two teams would head there separate ways.

Now Wang Hu Zhong would have there hands full to win the wild card spot in the tournament. The only battle shown would be Dashan vs. an anonymous Beyblader dressed in western attire. Wang Hu Zhong would win the wild card spot but would now have to face Excalibur in the next neck of the tournament.

In the first match, Chao Xin and Mei Mei would face Sophie and Wales in a tag team match-up. They would be defeated due to Excalibur's superior team work skills. Chi-yun promised to defeat Klaus in the next round. Chi-yun fought as hard as he could, but was defeated by Klaus in a battle of pure loyalty, eliminating Wang Hu Zhong from the tournament because of Klaus' amazing defense, attack, speed, and launch power and also Chi-yun's Special Moves didn't even put a dent on Klaus' Grand Capricorn 145D.

Big Bang Bladers Finals and Hades Inc.

Wang Hu Zhong later finds out that Tsubasa and Yu have been incapacitated before GanGan Galaxy's finals match against Team Star Breaker, so they all decide to battle each other and Kenta for the spot of the team's substitute member. Though their hopes are crushed when Hikaru reveals that teams who competed in the Tournament or anyone who battled in the qualifying rounds of any country cannot fill this position. Later, the team would help Gingka and company bring an end to Hades Inc. As they reach the spiral city, only Dashan makes it to the city before it starts to float. He would later go on to face Julian Konzern and win.


Event Result
Beyblade World Championships (Metal Masters) Loss



  • Wang Hu Zhong is considerably the Metal Saga counterpart of the White Tigers from the Original Series, as both are four member teams with only one female, they represent China, and they value the ancient traditions from their heritage seriously.
  • In the final episode in Shogun Steel, Beylin Fist's Aguma and Bao are seen in the Beylin Temple along with Wang Hu Zhong. This is could show that they might have joined Beylin Temple and stopped their enmity towards each other.