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Pegasus or Pegasis (ペガシス, Pegashisu) is a Warrior Wheel released by Takara Tomy as part of the Synchrome System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BBG-26 Starter Samurai Pegasis W105R²F on December 1, 2012, and in Western countries with the release of the SS-26 Starter Pack Samurai Pegasus W105R2F in March 2014.


Pegasus is the Warrior Wheel successor to the 4D System Fusion Wheels Cosmic and Wing, and as such bears a resemblance to both. A three-winged design with interlaced feathered wings comprises most of the Warrior Wheel, retaining the motif of previous Pegasus Fusion Wheels. Three smaller wings form protruding hook-like knots in the design, each placed at equal distances from the others. Two Pegasus heads with their neck circle the inner portion as well.

When used as the top Warrior Wheel in a Synchrome, it makes meaningful contact with the six wings of the main portion of the wheel, and is generally considered an acceptable alternative to other Smash Attack-focused Warrior Wheels such as Wyvern.

However, its main use is when it is used as the bottom Warrior Wheel. When oriented as such, the Beyblade gains Force Smash, as it gains two primary contact points via the two Pegasus heads facing into opponents below Pegasus underside rather than away from them on the top.

However, the drawback is that the Pegasus Warrior Wheel has extremely limited synergy, being six-sided. It is best used with itself or under Griffin for the purposes of boosting RPM in standard, and best used with Bandit in the WBO's Metal Fight Limited format.


For the reasons stated above, Pegasus performs well in Attack Type combinations when used as the bottom Warrior Wheel in a Synchrome, or when used under a strong Element wheel in the WBO's Metal Fight Limited format.

As such, Pegasus is not a must have but is instead a welcome addition to a blader's collection.


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