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Zirago or Girago (ジラーゴ, Jiraago) is a Warrior Wheel released by Takara Tomy as part of the Synchrome System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BBG-24 Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type and in western countries with the release of the SS-24 Starter Pack Thief Zirago WA130HF.


Weight: 31.8 grams Full Width: 47.58 mm Full Height: 6.77 mm

Girago is one of the few Chrome Wheels to be mostly symmetrical. Two Qilin heads circle the design, each having a long neck covered by an armor. The heads are in a right-spin direction, and each has a fiery mane. The Chinese dragons each have a pair of hoofed legs extending beyond their heads, and each pair of legs is holding a fiery sphere between the hooves (one of these spheres is hollow, allowing a space for the cylindrical insert of another Chrome/Crystal Wheel to protrude through it). Girago's primary contact points are made up of the dragons' front legs and foreheads, both in the immediate vicinity of the two spheres.

When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

Girago, due to the lack of real advantages it can provide to other Chrome Wheels, has found little to no use as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom. The only way Girago can really be applied as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom is in a substitute Attack custom using the Synchrom Gryph Girago (the most effective Attack Synchrom for Girago if Girago Girago is not available). This Synchrom can be used as a decent Attack substitute if top-tier Chrome Wheels or Girago Girago aren't a possibility.

When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom

When used on the bottom of a Synchrom, Girago, due to its low recoil, nearly perfect balance, and optimal weight distribution, has been found to be a competitive Chrome Wheel for use in spin-steal combinations when paired with the Dragooon Chrome wheel. In the spin-stealing customization MSF-L Girago Dragooon SA165 [Attack] EWD, Girago provides optimal weight distribution that aids in Precession, as well as the fine balance and relatively low recoil Dragooon needs to steal spin effectively.

When used in Synchrom with another Girago

The Girago Chrome Wheel has multiple competitive uses when doubled in Synchrom. While its Smash Attack is not necessarily top notch, it is impressive to some degree, and it can be used as an Attack substitute if top-tier Attack Chrome/Metal Wheels are not available. Even though Girago's Smash Attack is not exceptionally powerful, it does have uncommonly low recoil for a Wheel of such aggressive design. Because of this moderate Attack ability and exceptionally low recoil, Girago has fit in very well in the category of Anti-Attack, and is considered to be the most effective Chrome Wheel released for this purpose. When used in Standard Format in the Anti-Attack combination MSF-L Girago Girago BD145RF, its mid-powered Smash Attack is more than enough to KO most Stamina customs very well, and, with such low recoil, Girago easily neutralizes virtually every competitive Attack variant in the game, making for a very versatile combination.

However, Anti-Attack is not Girago's only competitive use. Girago has exceptional weight distribution compared to most other Wheels, which allows it to resist rotational recoil (or, in other words, avoid losing rotational velocity when making contact) extremely well. This comes in handy in both the Attack Type Stadium and the Zero-G Stadium when using a combination that aims to out-spin its opponent by aggressively draining their rotational velocity. One of the combinations in which Girago does this best is the E230 destabilizer Girago Girago E230 [Boost] MB. By combining the super round, super smooth, super low recoil shape of Elevator 230's large disk and Girago's rotational-recoil-resistant weight distribution, this custom can grind into its opponents with E230's disk and drain their spin, without losing spin nearly as quickly itself. This very often results in a 100% win rate against Stamina and Defense combinations of heights anywhere from 85 to 195.

All in all, Girago has many uses. It has applicable Smash Attack and low recoil that can be applied very effectively in Standard Format Anti-Attack customizations, and great balance and weight distribution that can be very useful for E230 destabilizers and Dragooon spin-stealing customs in both the Attack Type Stadium and the Zero-G Stadium. All in all, Girago is a very useful Chrome Wheel that should be part of every competitive Blader's collection.

Use in Balance Customization

For the reasons stated above, Girago can be utilized very effectively in the Anti-Attack Balance custom MSF-L Girago Girago BD145RF, as well as the E230 destabilizer Balance custom Girago Girago E230 [Boost] MB.

Use in Stamina Customization

For the reasons stated above, Girago can be utilized very effectively in the Stamina combination MSF-L Girago Dragooon SA165 [Attack] EWD.


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