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Waylan, known in the Japanese version as Virut (ヴィルット Vuirutto) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is a member of Tall Boys.


The BladebreakersMax Tate met him at the beginning of the Asian Tournament, initially he was difficult to win the heat. But then it became clear that when Waylan's Beyblade's rotation rate decreases so the temperature drops. And then Max defeated him.


  • Special Move(s): Fever Attack
Waylan's Beyblade

Waylan uses an orange Beyblade. It has a thick Blade Base that is twice the height of the Attack Ring. Both the Blade Base and Attack Ring are decorated with brown Balls. The friction caused by the high-speed rotation of Waylan's Beyblade creates heat and the temperature around the Beyblade is a hundred time higher than normal. His Beyblade does not melt because he created it using heat-resistant materials and the brown balls were most likely installed for this purpose. However, for the Beyblade to create that much friction, something heavy has to be spinning at high velocity. This means that the Beyblade is using an incredible amount of stamina to keep spinning and keep the heat going.