CWD Circle Attacker is a Customize Weight Disks released as part of the Hard Metal System . It debuted with the release of Phantom Fox MS


  • Weight: 17 grams

CWD Circle Attacker is a completely circular fixed CWD, with two small slopes on either side. This CWD was designed for Upper or Force Smash Attack purposes. When on a normal HMS Beyblade however, Upper mode cannot be used as all ARs will interfere with it.

CWD Circle Attacker finds its home as the WD of Wobbling combinations. Because of its weight being focused on adjacent sides, it contributes slightly to the wobbling, but more importantly while the custom is wobbling, CWD Circle Attacker contributes to the Smash Attack often seen in Wobbling combinations.

Use in Wobbling Combinations

CWD Circle Attacker is most often used in Wobbling customizations, and was even put to use in the Grand Battle Tournament at Anime North 2005 where it won the competition.

  • AR: Knight Crusher (Aero Knight MS)
  • WD: CWD Circle Attacker (Force Smash mode) (Phantom Fox MS)
  • RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)


Takara Tomy

Phantom Fox MS



Takara Tomy




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