Magnetic Weight Disks (マグネウエイトディスク Magune Ueito Disuku) is a Weight Disk that was released as a part of the Magnacore System.


Magnetic Weight Disk are Weight Disks with two distinct sides, North Pole and South Pole. It is possible to change the magnetic polarity of the Disk by switching between the two sides. Using this Weight Disk with a Magnecore will strengthen it's magnetic force and more irregular movement becomes possible. If two Bladers are fighting with the Magnetic Weight Disks, and both Disks have the same pole facing upwards, they will repel each other. This means that those Beyblades will never hit each other and the battle will become one of endurance. If the disks have different poles facing upwards, they will attract each other. This means that both Beyblades will consistently make contact and attack each other violently. Therefore, even Spin Gear System Beyblades battling in a stadium without magnets can utilise the Magnacore System by mounting the Magnetic Weight Disk.




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