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Wide Defense is a special Weight Disk that was only available through a limited individual release in Japan and Random Boosters.


  • Weight: 15 Grams

Wide Defense has a completely circular shape with six inset notches and one outset notch. Despite its rather large width, it is relatively light; roughly the same weight as Ten Balance and more than a gram lighter than Ten Heavy.

Usage in Smash Attack Customization[]

Wide Defense is an incredibly popular WD choice among Smash Attack enthusiasts and is commonly considered to be the best WD choice for Smash Attackers. The popularity is unsurprising; it seemingly has all of the features of a perfect Smash Attack part. It is lightweight and the little weight it has is focused around the perimeter of the Beyblade. Both of these features attribute to a high movement speed. Furthermore, the seven notches can be used for smash attack. Below you will find a popular Smash Attack combo using Wide Defense.

Usage in Defense Customization[]

Despite its relatively light weight, Wide Defense can be used in Defensive Beyblades to great effect. It effectively forms a barrier of metal on the outside rim of whatever Beyblade is using it. Below you will find a popular Defense combo using Wide Defense.




Wide Defense is a rare enough to be valuable, but common enough that you can obtain it for a reasonable price. It has the potential to improve a large amount of Beyblades it is given to. If you have a chance to get it, you shouldn't miss it.