• Weight: 35.5 grams

This Wheel is generally rounded with four textured fins protruding from its circumference, forming waves. Between these fins are empty semicircles used to prevent (early) breakage. Aquario, just like Wolf, has its protrusions facing the opposite way to its spin direction, presumably to avoid the massive Recoil that would be experienced if they had been facing the right direction. Since only the rounded parts of the protrusions can be used for Attack, its offensive potential is mediocre. The considerable space between each wave also prevents it from being efficient in Defense and Stamina, as it would need a more united, even rounder shape. At release, the fins of Aquario provided a decent amount of Smash Attack, but now it definitely does not compare to the existing top-tier Wheels, and many other Wheels from lower tiers even.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations

A second mold variation of the Aquario Wheel was introduced when this bey was re-released as a "PREMIUM RETURN" in BB-72 Booster Aquario 105F, in order to correspond with the "Beyblade Metal Fight Explosion", the second season of the anime. This new mold is slightly heavier compared to the first mold, but the effect this has on the Beyblade's performance is minimal to non-existent. The exact weight is 36.6 grams. This second mold also uses a darker colour of paint.

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