Wolf is a Wheel released as part of the Metal System It debuted with the release of Wolf D125B on September 18th 2008


  • Weight: 36 Grams

The Wolf Wheel has two sides which consist of four close spikes that are meant for Smash Attack. On each side, the words "Wolf Wheel" are engraved. However, there are many problems with these metal protrusions that negate the use of Wolf; the largest one being that the spikes face counter-clockwise, which causes a massive decrease in stamina when the other, right-spin Beyblade hits it. Because of the counter-clockwise facing spikes, its potential to Smash Attack is also hindered because of its own spin direction, which causes the flatter side of the spikes hit to the opposing top.

It is generally agreed that Wolf would have held potential as an Attack Wheel if it had been left-spin-compatible, however, it remains that the spikes are so closely packed and not heavy enough that it could have failed in left-spin even at the beginning of the series. Because of this, Wolf has never had any use for Attack competitively, and Metal Wheels such as Blitz and VariAres should be used instead. Wolf also serves no purpose in Defense and Stamina, as the multiple contact points cause too much Recoil.


Wolf D125B

Wolf 105F




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