White Gabriel is a Beyblade originally released by Takara in Random Booster F, along with a silver recolor in Random Booster 7. The Hasbro release, renamed White Gabriel G, was given a left customize engine gear, 10-wide, and the Dragoon G base (with new stickers).

Both releases have a sub-attack ring, but it is important to note the Takara versions have the sub-attack ring attached to the base, while Hasbro's has it attach to the Original attack ring like most beyblades.

Attack Ring: Twin Horn

Weight Disk: Ten Wide

  • Weight: 14 grams

Engine Gear: Left Customize Gear (Semi-Flat)

Blade Base: First Clutch White Gabriel Version

This is the exact same blade base as Dragoon Galaxy. The only difference is that Gabriel has new stickers.


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