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This article is about the Hasbro release. For the Takara release, see Gabriel.

White Gabriel G is a Beyblade released by Hasbro. It is a variant of the original Gabriel, with parts from Dragoon G.

Unlike the Takara version, Hasbro's Twin Horn Attack Ring has been modified to be able to attach Sub-Attack Rings; the original Gabriel attached Sub-Attack Rings on its Blade Base.

Bit Chip: Gabriel[]

The chip depicts Gabriel.

Attack Ring: Twin Horn (Hasbro Version)[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Twin Horn

Weight: 5 grams

Twin Horn is an Attack Ring that depicts two symmetrical rams in a rather rounded silhouette with small notches around the perimeter. This Attack Ring is used in Zombie\LAD combos in order to steal spin from the opposing Beyblade thanks to its rounded shape. It also has a small amount of Smash Attack that can occasionally knock out the opposing Beyblade. It is important to note that the Hasbro Version of Twin Horn was modified to support a Sub-Attack Ring. This Attack Ring is very rare; for this reason, it is not the first choice in combos as it should be.

Use in Zombie\LAD Customization:
* Note refer to Adding a Different SG if you do not know how to setup the SG.

AR: Twin Horn (Gabriel)
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo-Left SG* (Double Bearing Core) (Burning Kerberous)
SG Shaft: SG (Double Bearing Version) (Burning Kerberous)
SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
BB: Customize Bearing Base (Burning Kerberous)

Weight Disk: Ten Wide[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Ten Wide
  • Weight: 14 Grams

Ten Wide is the next in the series of Wide Weight Disks following Dragoon S' Eight Wide, now with two additional sides. As a result, it is both the widest and heaviest of them.

Engine Gear: Metal Semi-Flat[]

Main article: Engine Gear - Metal Semi-Flat

Dragoon G is equipped with a Left Engine Gear which has a Metal Semi-Flat tip. Despite the name, however, the tip is flat, only having slight rounding of the edges. This provides aggressive movement and decent Survival. The Engine Gear itself provides a burst of speed (the timing of which depends on the base it is used with). However, the tip isn't fully able to make use of this, and often, the most noticeable effect of activation is self-KO.

Furthermore, it is too tall to hit many opponents, and is limited to Engine-Gear compatible bases, all of which are impractical and/or bulky. Overall, this part has no competitive use.

Blade Base: First Clutch[]

Main article: Blade Base - First Clutch

An Instant Release Base activates an Engine Gear core immediately at the start of battle.



  • The addition of the suffix "G" was likely due to the Beyblade being a VForce Beyblade being released in the GRevolution toyline.