Wind Sagittario 100SD is a Beyblade only found in Random Booster Light Vol. 3.

Face Bolt: Sagittario

Facebolt SAGITTARIO BB35 19511

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Sagittarius, the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which is a creature with the torso of a human and the waist of a horse. It has the letters SGTO printed on the facebolt, abbreviating the Beyblade's name. It has two eyes with an arrow pointing down on the right, making the second eye look like a bow with an arrow.

Energy Ring: Sagittario

Clearwheel sagittario

The regular release of Sagittario is a yellow, translucent piece. It has several notches and protrusions. The design is loosely based on the original Sagittario, which features the two bow and arrows. This version is a transparent light blue in color.

Fusion Wheel: Wind


Wind is the Light Wheels version of Storm, being made out of plastic instead of metal. Because of this, the performance of the wheel is greatly reduced due to the lack of weight. This wheel should never be used in competitive battles, but it is a good wheel to add to a collection.

Spin Track: 100


100 is currently the third lowest Track available. Its low height allows Attack-based Wheels such as Cyber to make good contact with opposing Tracks and Wheels. It is outclassed by 85 and 90 for both Attack and Stamina.

Performance Tip: SD


SD is one of the best bottoms for Stamina, although meant for Balance. It is much better than the D tip. However, it is outclassed by W2D, WD, EWD, and PD due to the low surface area. It is, however, very good on 85, which keeps it stable.


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