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Wing Pegasis S130RB (ウイングペガシスS130RB, Uingu Pegashisu S130RB) is an Attack Type Beyblade released in Japan at the World Hobby Fair 2012 on January 15th, 2012 in Osaka, Japan.

Face Bolt - World Championship Commemorative Model

Main article: Face Bolt - World Championship Commemorative Model

The World Championship Commemorative Model Face Bolt was released to commemorate the World Hobby Fair 2012 event. The words "World 2012" are featured, along with "Official" and "WBBA". In the background is the globe, representing the world (Earth).

Energy Ring - Pegasis III

Main article: Energy Ring - Pegasis III

Pegasus III features dual crescent-shaped blades designed in the motif of the mythical Pegasus, complete with wings. Like other 4D Clear Wheels, the Pegasus III Energy Ring included in the Takara Tomy release contained trace amounts of iron powder, which was advertised by Takara Tomy to increase the weight of the Energy Ring. The Beyblade Legends Hasbro release also contained this iron powder. Pegasis III is one of the heaviest Energy Rings even without this iron powder boosting its weight.

Fusion Wheel - Wing

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Wing is a 4D Fusion Wheel that consists of two parts: the Core and Metal Frame. The Metal Frame of Wing resembles that of Blitz, with both being circular Metal Frames with triangular protrusions. Wing's three protrusions fill in the gaps of the Core's wings; the Metal Frame can be fitted in different ways to switch between modes. Wing's Metal Frame features an arrow that helps determine which mode Wing is in.

Spin Track - Shield 130

Track s130 img
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Shield 130 (S130) is a Spin Track with a horizontal disk attached to its center. This disk consists of eight "arms" linked by plastic, forming an imperfect circle. Shield 130 is lighter than Spin Tracks like Boost Disk 145 and Gravity Ball 145, and thus are outclassed for Defense combinations. However, this Spin Track has found use in Attack combinations where it can add weight without getting in the way of contact points. Its medium height also allows it to score hits on higher Spin Tracks of opposing Beys.

Performance Tip - Rubber Ball

Bottom rb img
Main article: Performance Tip - Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball (RB), as its name suggests, is a Ball Performance Tip, made of rubber. Interestingly enough about it is the fact that it is very wide; the widest out of any Rubber-based Performance Tip to date.

Performance-wise, Rubber Ball is great for Defense; with comparable abilities to that of Rubber Spike (RS) and Rubber Defense Flat (RDF). While Rubber Ball contains a somewhat aggressive movement, it still maintains a Ball-based movement as well. Its rubber allows it to have better grip on the Stadium floor, allowing it to take powerful hits from Attack Types. Rubber Ball will move mostly around the middle on the stadium.

While obtaining great results for Defense, Rubber Ball has failed on certain combos, due to its large surface area, which while creating more friction, reduces Stamina and thus, makes it easier to KO than that of Rubber Spike. It is also not suited for Attack Type combos and is terrible in Stamina, like other rubber Performance Tips.

When worn down, it can act like a pseudo-flat tip.



  • This is the second Bey to to have the S130RB combo, the first being Jade Jupiter S130RB.
  • Despite the Attack Type classification, this Bey performs more closely to a Defense Type.