Wing Pegasus 90WF or Wing Pegasis 90WF (ウイングペガシス90WF, Uingu Pegashisu 90WF) is an Attack-Type Beyblade that was released in Japan in the Beyblade Ultimate DX Set on November 19, 2011, along with Duo Uranus 230WD and L-Drago Guardian S130MB. It was later released worldwide by Hasbro with the Beyblade: Evolution Nintendo 3DS video game.

Hasbro also released a variant of Wing Pegasus 90WF as part of the Spark FX series with the product number B-161. This version had a solid, hollow Wing Fusion Wheel.

The popularity of this Beyblade took off after a promotional article was released along with the strong performance of its parts, particularly the "Wing" Fusion Wheel. The article featured a product shot of both Wing Pegasus 90WF and L-Drago Guardian S130MB along with Gingka Hagane and Ryuga, illustrated by manga series artist Takafumi Adachi. Both Beys were featured in the the 11th volume of the Metal Fight Beyblade manga in the 7th special chapter of the series entitled "Miraculous Tag Team: Ginga & Ryuga!!".

Face Bolt: Pegasus III

The Face Bolt depicts "Pegasus", one of the 88 constellations in space. Unlike the two previous Pegasus Face Bolts, this features a more stylized design. The "hair" of the Pegasus is now longer and resembles a lightning bolt. The "P" and "S" letters now do not resemble letters but instead, lightning-like designs. Fire-like designs now appear above those designs and Pegasus' eyes are now red with a red hue, a blue outline, and a white color on a black Face Bolt. However, this version of the Face Bolt has white lightning-like designs, just like the Pegasus face.

4D Energy Ring: Pegasus III

  • Weight: 3.1 grams

Pegasus III, just like the previous Pegasus Energy Rings, features two wings that are meant to resemble the wings of a Pegasus. Unlike the previous versions, the wings are much more detailed. When advertised, the Energy Ring was to be heavier and stronger since it contains iron fillings (powder-like substance) to give it added weight. However, Pegasus III only weighs 3.1 grams which is not quite heavy, considering it has metal fillings. It is a translucent crimson red in color this time, instead of blue like Cosmic Pegasus.

Attack: 6- Defense: 0 - Stamina: 1

Clearwheel4d pegasis3.jpg Clearwheel4d pegasis34.jpg

Fusion Wheel: Wing

  • Total Weight: 45.1 grams

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 16.6 grams

Wing's Metal Frame highly resembles the Metal Frame that of Blitz. As they are both circular with various triangular protrusions. Wing contains three of these protrusions whereas, Blitz has three with three square-like indents; Wing does not carry these indents however. These protrusions fill the gaps created by the Core's wings which in turn make it resemble Blitz. Wing's Metal Frame does appear more thicker than Blitz's though and smaller. Just like Blitz, it can be rotated to change between Modes. Additionally, Wing's Metal Frame features a black arrow that helps determine which Mode, Wing is to go in.


  • Weight: 28.5 grams

Wing's Core features three-wings with a gap between them. This gives Wing's Core a high resemblance to Storm and Spiral due to this. Common with all Pegasus-themed Beys, the wings have the distinct appearance of a Pegasus' wings but these wings appear to be thin when viewed from the inside. Wing's Core also has the numbers, "0", "1", and "2". These are used to help determine the Mode, Wing will use.

When compared to Big Bang there are noticeable differences. Wing does not contain a PC Frame which Big Bang does and the wings on Wing are thinner and more slanted. Wing also carries the gap-filling protrusions where Big Bang does not.

Wing has three different Modes and each can be switched by simply rotating Wing's Metal Frame over Wing's Core. They are as follows, "Ironclad Attack Mode" where the arrow of the Metal Frame goes onto "0". "Mortal Blow Attack Mode" where the arrow of the Metal Frame goes on "1". Lastly, is "Pound Attack Mode" where the arrow of the Metal Frame goes on "2". In Ironclad Attack Mode, there are no blades sticking out, in Mortal Blow Attack Mode, there is 1 blade sticking out, and in Pound Attack Mode has 2 blades sticking out. Weight distribution is also affected in different modes; In Ironclad Attack Mode, it is balanced, but when in Mortal Blow Attack Mode and Pound Attack Mode, it is unbalanced.

Wing was designed to deliver a powerful "One Strike" attack that delivers recoil upon contact; the recoil supposedly comes from the triangular protrusions. However, Wing works best in Defense-Type combos, or when paired with BD145 and MB, it is a great Balance custom. This is because of both the weight and diameter of Wing, along with how well balanced (or out of balance in Mode 1 and 2) the Wheel is. Also since Wing suffers the same reason as why Dark is terrible for Attack; their wings are too closely-packed together to conduct any real damage to the opposing Bey.

Hasbro's Wing does not feature any default mode. Unlike Cosmic, Hasbro's remake of the Big Bang Fusion Wheel, the Hasbro Wing is much more weak compared to it's Takara Tomy counterpart. The loss of weight contributes to the loss in power, and since the Hasbro version does not have any default mode, the Smash Attack is reduced greatly. The Hasbro Fusion Wheel has no uses in Attack, and should not be used for competitive play.

Spin Track: 90

  • Weight: 0.82 grams

90 is currently, the second lowest Spin Track and outclassed in terms of Attack and Stamina only by 85. Before 85's release, 90 was the best Track for low attackers but 85 still outclasses it. Despite this, some Bladers prefer to use 90 over 85 in fear of 85 scraping the floor. Although 90 is outclassed by 85, it still serves as a great Spin Track for low attackers as it does not scrape the Stadium floor as much as 85.

Attack-Type Customization

90 is a great Spin Track in Attack combos like MF Lightning/ Meteo L-Drago 90RF/ R2F/ MF and MF Vulcan Horuseus/ Zurafa/ Byxis/ Gemios 90RF/ R2F/ MF.

Stamina-Type Customization

90 can also be used in Stamina combos like Burn Kerbecs/ Aquario/ Bull 90WD/ SD/ D or Earth Kerbecs/ Aquario/ Bull 90WD/ SD /D.

Track 90 img.jpg

Performance Tip: Wide Flat

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

Wide Flat, is a Flat tip which is twice the size of its counterpart, "Flat", Wide Flat is fast but has poor grip, and struggles to hold a flower-like pattern, it was used with one of the previous destabilizes "MF L-Drago 90WF", which is now outclassed, it still holds a few more uses. WF is also more controllable than XF

Wide Flat used to be the widest plastic Flat tip until the later release of XF (Xtreme Flat).

Attack: 6 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 0

Bottom wf img.jpg



  • The 90WF combo was first used with Quetzalcoatl 90WF. It would then be used by Bakushin Susanow 90WF, making Wing Pegasus the third Bey to have this combo.
  • Unlike most Pegasus Beys, Wing Pegasus uses a red Energy Ring while other Pegasus Beys use blue ones. This is with the exceptions of Pegasis 105F, which does not use an Energy Ring, and Cyber Pegasus 100HF, which is a variation of Storm Pegasus 105RF.
  • It is the first of the Pegasus evolutions to have a 90 height spin track.
  • Wing was the second Attack Type wheel to have great Defense potential. The first was Bakushin.
    • Coincidentally, they both have the same Spin Track and Performance Tip.
  • A blue version of Wing Pegasus was released as a prize at the WBBA 2012 World Championships in Japan with a light blue Fusion Wheel, dark blue Energy Ring, S130 Spin Track and RB Performance Tip.
  • Wing Pegasus was released by Hasbro in the 3DS Beyblade: Evolution game-exclusive Beyblade as part of the Hyperblades line.

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