Wing Whip, also known as Wing Slash (ウィングスラッシュ, Uingu Surasshu) in Japan, is a Special Move used by Valt Aoi and his Sword Valtryek Blitz Power Retsu.


The Wing Whip is an offensive special move that strikes the enemy Bey with tremendous power that utilizes all components of Valt's Sword Valtryek.

In the anime, this move is depicted as a vicious high-speed rush that activates when the internal shock spring inside its Power Performance Tip compresses, causing the tip to sink into the Performance Tip enabling its wide, grooved base to make contact with the stadium floor. This lowers the profile of the Beyblade while increasing its mobility instantaneously, enabling the Beyblade to deliver a high-speed charging strike against the enemy Bey.

Currently, the manga has only depicted the move as an intense, offensive strike with no notable details behind its technical aspects.


Wing Slash was first featured in the first manga chapter of Beyblade Burst Rise. During his match against Arman, Valt used this attack to win the match with a Burst Finish, while Dante Koryu observed from the crowd.



  • This attack shares many notable similarities to the Nothing Break move, in both mechanics and execution.
  • In a battle against Dante, his student, he used this special move like this one to finish off Dante and burst Ace Dragon, also making the 'V' letter track, just like Ace Dragon that made the 'D' letter track.


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