Winged Launch, known as Jet Shoot (ジェットシュート, Jetto Shūto) in Japan, is a Special Move used by Valt Aoi and his Valtryek V2 Boost Variable


Winged Launch is Valtryek's most powerful technique so far in the series. It comes into effect after when Valtryek ricochets off the walls of the Beystadium, creating tremendous speed and power. However, it also causes Valtryek to lose stamina every time it hits the wall. This technique also allows Valtryek to perform aerial attacks. When properly used, Valt usually scores either a Ring-Out or Burst Finish. It gains enormous momentum as it battles.

Beyblade Burst

The Winged Launch is Valt's go-to technique during his Beyblade matches during the National Tournament. He first used this move during the third round of the Beyblade National Tournament with Valt competing against Quon Limon, after realizing that the Rush Launch has no effect on Quetziko's Bound Launch in the first battle. In the second battle, Valt finally united with Valtryek to perfect the 'super awakening' and create the Winged Launch to beat Quon in the third round of the tournament,resulting a burst.



Valtryek Hits the wall, gaining more momentum as it battles. Valt first mastered this move when he battled Quon Limon.