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Wolborg MS (ウルボーグ MS, Uruboogu MS) is a Stamina Type Beyblade released as part of the Heavy Metal System. It was first released in Japan as a Starter for 819¥. It is a Beyblade owned by Tala in the Beyblade manga. It is the successor of Wolborg 4 and the final Beyblade of the Wolborg series.

Bit Protector (BP): Wolborg Emblem

Main article: Bit Protector - Wolborg Emblem

It is the first mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring (AR): Wolf Crusher

Main article: Attack Ring - Wolf Crusher
  • Weight: 20 grams

Wolf Crusher is best used in conjunction with an uncustomized Wolborg MS. At first glance, it is deceptively aggressive looking. However, in actual performance it is very restrained. It has a circular, balanced form that lends itself well to Survival. It will not interfere with the life after death capability of the Circle Wide. However, this AR does not have many practical applications outside of being combined with Wolborg MS's Bearing Core.

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Wide

Main article: Weight Disk - Circle Wide

Weight: 14 grams

Circle Wide is the largest but also the lighter of the three original HMS Weight Disks. It forms a perfect circle and the distribution of its mass is favourable to endurance and attack combos. It is benefit to endurance combos, as the remote mass axis increases the spin velocity. For attack combos, its light weight increases the speed and movement of the combo and places the weight on the projections of the Ring.

Mold Variation 

A heavier Circle Wide is included with the Takara version of Draciel MS. The increase weight varies between 0.5 g and 0.7 g and its effects are beneficial: This molding is preferred to the original in all circumstances.

The slots for sliding the metal disc on the running core are slightly smaller on the Sonokong versions Circle Heavy, Circle Balance and CircleWide as those of Takara and Hasbro. Taking into account the normal variations of the size of the weight disks , it means that the Sonokong Discs would fit more easily on the running core or will be incompatible.

Use In Endurance Combo

AR: Advance Survivor (Advance Eterner)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)

Use in Attack Combo

AR: Slash Upper (Slash Riger MS)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Grip Flat Core (Dragoon MS)

Running Core (RC): Bearing Core

Main article: Running Core - Bearing Core

<onlyinlude>* Weight: 5 grams Bearing Core was one of the most highly anticipated parts at the time of its release, and it did not disappoint. Bearing Core remains to be unarguably one of the most important parts for every Blader to own. It has the best Survival capability of any part ever.

Bearing Core has a thick, sharp plastic tip attached to a metal shaft that runs into the Running Core. Between the shaft and outer casing of the Running Core is an NSK ball bearing, such as the ones present in previous Survival hallmark Beyblades. However, the Bearing Core completely outclasses every Survival part preceding it.

Use in Survival Customization

Wolborg MS works incredibly well as a Survival type on its own. However, it can be improved by many different types of customizations. You should try your own to see which ones work best for you. Here are just a few examples.

  • AR: Advance Survivor (Advance Eterner)
  • WD: CWD God Ring (Shining God MS)
  • RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)

  • AR: Wolf Crusher (Wolborg MS)
  • WD: CWD Reverse Defenser (Dranzer MF)
  • RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)

  • AR: Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS)
  • WD: Circle Wide
  • RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)

Controversy Over Bearing Core

Bearing Core was a large source of controversy within the Beyblade community simply because of how powerful it is. In most stadiums, particularly Tornado Balance, its ability to outlast almost any other Beyblade was game-breaking in its effectiveness. There are very niche methods available to beat it, but this did not change the fact that it still outclassed almost every other part in the game. There were even discussions of banning the part.

However, Takara addressed this issue by releasing Tornado Balance Type S. By releasing a smaller stadium, Bearing Core lost its advantage as it was easily knocked out of the stadium.

How to Defeat Bearing Core-Based Beyblades

In Tornado Balance Type S, defeating Beyblades based on Bearing Core is easy because the stadium is small enough to allow for easy hits and knockouts. However, in most other stadiums defeating Bearing Core-based Beyblades is a chore because it is difficult to hit consistently. However, there are ways to do it. The following strategies are designed for best use in the Tornado Attack and Tornado Balance stadiums.

Halting + Force Smash Combo

It must be noted that this combo is only effective if both it and the Bearing Core Beyblade are spinning in the same direction. However, that is the only variable that affects this Beyblade's performance in a significant way.

  • AR: Metal Ape (Magical Ape MS)
  • RC: Rubber Weight Core (Round Shell MS)

This combo works because the rubber on the Rubber Weight Core saps the opposing Beyblade's energy effectively and also uses Force Smash to push it into the stadium floor. Metal Ape is the best choice of AR for this combo because the high spin velocity lends itself well to the concept, not to mention that the shape lines up perfectly with Rubber Weight Core. Tests have shown this combo to have an almost perfect victory rate.

Attack Combo

If you are a Blader who is skilled at shooting and knows how to control fast Attack-types, then this type of combo can serve you well. The goal is to hit the Bearing Core Beyblade as quickly as possible in order to KO it or hit it hard enough to stop it from spinning. Because Bearing Core Beyblades tend to sit in the center of the stadium, it is important that the Attack combo be shot in such a way that it moves through the center of the stadium repeatedly.

  • AR: Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS)
  • WD: CWD Defense Ring (Sea Dragon)
  • RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) (Dragoon MS UV)

If you find it too difficult to control with the above RC, you can also try replacing it with Dragoon MS's Grip Flat Core.

Survival Combo (Bearing Core Variant)

You can customise also your own Bearing Core Beyblade in order to beat your opponent's. For best results, yours should be spinning in the direction opposite to your opponent's and be optimized for Spin-Stealing. The tip of your Bearing Core should be in near-mint condition or better, and there should be no bend in the shaft.

  • AR: Advance Survivor (Advance Eterner)
  • WD: CWD Reverse Defenser (Dranzer MF) or CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon)
  • RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)</onlyinclude>

Other Versions

  • Wolborg MS - HMS 5 Saint Beasts Booster Secret Version (Ice Blue)
  • Wolborg MS - Coro Coro Limited (Gold)
  • Wolborg MS - Tournament Limited (Black)
  • Wolborg MS - (Silver)


Wolborg MS - Original Version

Wolborg MS Ice Blue


Wolborg MS contains multiple competitive parts, and is a strong Beyblade out of box, with a powerful stock combo. As such, Wolborg MS is a must-have for competitive Bladers, and multiple copies should be owned if possible.