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Wyborg is a Balance-type Beyblade and is Ian's Beyblade. The toy version was first released in Japan in October 2001, selling for 780円.

Bit-Chip (BC): Wyborg

The chip depicts Wyborg.

Attack Ring (AR): Double Snake

  • Weight: 5 Grams

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Balance

  • Weight: 14 Grams

Spin Gear: Right Spin Auto Change Version

This Spin Gear features part of Wyborg's Auto Change gimmick, having a plastic sharp tip needed for the Blade Base's stamina mode.

Blade Base (BB): Auto Change Base

  • Weight: 15 Grams

This rendition of the original Dranzer Auto Change Balancer's Base features a mechanism, that when hit, changes the Spin Gear's tip mode from sharp to flat. This allows for a transition for the beyblade to attack, but the reliability of the blade base is highly questionable. The tip has been known to detach from the clutch and push inwards, causing the base to permanently be in attack mode. 


  • Black Recolour (Fukobako 2001)
  • Blue Recolour (Limited Edition Starter Beyblade)