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Xavier Bogard, known as Xhan Bogard (ジャン・ボガード, Jan Bogādo) in Japanese, is a character from the anime series, Beyblade Burst Turbo. He fights with his Beyblade Breaker Xcalius 1' Sword, before upgrading it to Breaker Xcalius 1'Dagger Sword.


Xavier is a short, fair-skinned boy with gray, spiked-up hair and turquoise eyes. He has two sets of clothing, the first one appears militaristic: a dark-red tunic with jet-black cuffs and gold borders and shoulder straps, two gold fourragère attached to the right shoulder strap from the front and back that meet in the right tunic's inner flap, a blue sash attached to the left shoulder strap that has a medium-blue button with two red and white small sashes, and the blue sash's end is fastened to the waist by a turquoise-blue belt, jet-black shorts with gold borders, black shin-high socks with blue strips at the cuff and red stripes below it, and brown shoes with red stripes at the base. He has an "X" style buckle on his belt and a red "X" on each lapel.

When not beyblading, Xavier wears a medium-blue robe with a white fluffy border and a red-violet interior, and walks with a white claymore sword-style cane with dark-blue gems.

Xavier's second attire is his training clothes: a worn-out honolulu-blue gi with rips and the sleeves torn off at the shoulders, a jet-black belt, jet-black shoes and white wraps on the forearms and ankles.


Xavier is a calm and friendly individual with an adventurous personality, as shown when he found an ancient sword. He is shown to take training and battling very serious. He also has a good sense of humor, something he picked up from his mentor, Xander Shakadera.

Xavier has also been shown to be altruistic and willing to put others before himself, as he once saved Naru from falling into a trap on the ghost pirate ship.

Being born into royalty does not appear to have affected Xavier's personality in any way, as he maintains a friendly and courteous demeanor towards everyone he meets. He is also very hospitable, welcoming Aiger to his palace and offering to help him train to improve the bond between him and his Bey.



Beyblade Burst Turbo

Xavier is of royal descent, meaning that he's the prince and is chosen to be the next king. After passing Xander Shakadera's training, he was able to pull out the legendary hero's sword and used it to make his Bey: Breaker Xcalius 1 Sword, being taught by Xander about Beyblade.


Special Moves

  • Dual Sabers: Breaker Xcalius, the metal sword on the layer allows it to deal its two-fold striking power against the opposing Beyblade.
  • Triple Saber: With Breaker Xcalius 1' Sword, Xavier puts Breaker Xcalius in Breaker Mode making the sword on the layer to extend out, making it longer. While in Breaker Mode, Breaker Xcalius' does much more damage with it's powerful long sword, but with a cost. It's center of gravity will become off balance, resulting in the bey having less stamina, with the potential of floor scraping.
  • Tetra Saber: While Xcalius is in Breaker Mode, the point on the 1' Forge Disc and the edge on the Sword Performance Tip align, creating 4-point attacks to deal massive damage. It's similar on how Xeno and Surge Xcalius shift their Forge Discs to align with the sword on the Layers.
  • Penta Saber: By inserting a Dagger Frame on the 1' Forge Disc, Xcalius' alignment of the 1' Forge Disc, with the frame, and the edge on the Sword Performance Tip creates a 5-point attack, dealing even more damage than Tetra Saber.
  • Saber Wall: When the opposing bey is near the edge of the Beystadium, Xcalius knocks it into the wall. Xcalius than delivers a heavy blow that pins its opponent between itself and the wall, creating a damaging pincer attack.


Beyblade Burst Turbo
Opponent Episode Result
Hae-jin Oh 17 Win (2-0)
Laban Vanot 17 Win (2-0)
Aiger Akabane 17 Win (2-0)
Aiger Akabane & Ranjiro Kiyama (With Kyle Hakim) 19 Win (2-1)
Aiger Akabane, Ranjiro Kiyama, Fubuki Sumiye, Hae-jin Oh, Suoh Genji, Phi, Laban Vanot & Kyle Hakim (Battle Royale) 20 Lose (0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-16)
Ranjiro Kiyama & Suoh Genji (With Kyle Hakim) 21 Win (4-0)
Fubuki Sumiye & Laban Vanot (Battle Royale) 22 Lose (0-0-4)
Ranjiro Kiyama 23 Win (2-0)
Aiger Akabane 24 Lose (1-2)
Phi 26 Lose (1-2)
Aiger Akabane 44 Win (2-0)
Aiger Akabane 44 Lose (0-2)

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Turbo

As a scion of royal blood, Xavier spent his childhood learning how to rule justly. Because he believes that rulers must be brave, Xavier strives to be brave himself. After extensive martial arts training, he became an apprentice to Xander Shakadera and inherited the Bey name Xcalius, eventually joining the Turbo 4. In order to further hone his own skill, Xavier departed on a journey to find a worthy rival.


Xander Shakadera

When Xavier found a legendary sword, he met up with Xander and inspired him to forge Xavier's found sword into a Beyblade. Xander is Xavier's mentor and Xavier looks up to him. Interestingly enough, both of them are members of an elite Blader group consisting of 4 Bladers; Xander with the Supreme Four and Xavier with the Turbo 4. Xavier also mirrors some of Xander's mannerisms, such as his sense of humor and propensity for laughter. He also took on his mentor's discipline and strength, even the name of his bey.

Aiger Akabane

When coming aboard the Battleship Cruise, Xavier joins Aiger's training session defeats him. Later when battling other bladers on The Battleship Cruise, Aiger challenges Xavier but loses. When Xavier tries to grab Xcalius after defeating Aiger, Xcalius bursts and Xavier declares Aiger as his rival.

Hae-jin Oh

Kyle Hakim

Ranjiro Kiyama

He respects Ranjiro Kiyama as Aiger Akabane's friend.

Laban Vanot

Xavier respects Laban as a rival and friend.

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Turbo


  • "You are about to battle a true hero, come at me fair and square!" - To Phi in Beyblade Burst Turbo - Episode 26.
  • "At long last, it's mine! The legendary Hero's Sword." -after finding and pulling the sword in his debut.
  • "Wrap this up with Penta Saber!"
  • "Hello! Is anyone out there?"-When stranded on the island with Aiger and Laban.
  • "Show some respect! This "guy" happens to have a name!" -talking about Xander
  • "If you would, I humbly ask that you put Aiger through your initiation. -asking Xander to help train Aiger.



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  • Xavier's Japanese voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, got a role as this character because of his love of Beyblade since his childhood, as revealed in OHA OHA Aniki, a Japanese variety show, which landed him as the role of Fumiya Kindo.
    • Coincidentally, both characters named their Beyblade after an existing Beyblade (Fumiya and Fafnir, Xavier and Xcalius).
  • The outer part of Xavier's robe has a checkered design in the manga, but in the anime, it is solid blue.
  • Xavier owns a gold Level Chip on Breaker Xcalius.
  • Xavier is one of four Beyblade Burst Turbo characters whose initials are the same as their evolved bey: Breaker Xcalius, the others being Evel Oxford, Laban Vanot, and Kyle Hakim.
  • Xavier is the only member of the Turbo 4 whose Beyblade was not destroyed by Phi.
  • Phi and Aiger were the only bladers to actually beat Xavier.
  • Xavier's Zodiac is a Gemini.