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This article is about the Takara Tomy Beyblade X stadium. For the Hasbro Beyblade X stadium, see Xtreme Beystadium. For the Metal Fight Beyblade Stadium, see Extreme Beystadium.

The Xtreme Stadium (エクストリームスタジアム, Ekusutorīmu Sutajiamu) is a Stadium released by Takara Tomy as part of the Beyblade X toyline. It was released in Japan on June 10th, 2023 during the CoroCoro Spirit Festival. Its regular retail release in Japan was on July 15th, 2023 for 2750円.


A Stadium intended for Beyblade X.
— Official Description

The Xtreme Stadium is the first Stadium released by Takara Tomy for the Beyblade X toyline. The Xtreme Stadium features a square design and "Xtreme Lines", a set of gears that interact with the gears on a Beyblade's Bit to activate the Xtreme Dash gimmick. There are three Stadium exits on one side of the stadium. The two corner exits are called "Over Zones" and a 2 point "Over Finish" occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into these zones. The wider, central exit is called the "Xtreme Zone" and a 3 point "Xtreme Finish" occurs when a Beyblade is knocked into it.


Total Length: 43 cm

Total Width: 44 cm

Battle Zone Diameter: 36.5 cm

Tornado Ridge Diameter: 21 cm

Over Zone Length: 12 cm

Xtreme Zone Length: 19 cm


Takara Tomy

  • BX-10 Xtreme Stadium (white, green Xtreme Line)
  • BX-07 Start Dash Set (Clear Ver.; black Xtreme Line)
  • BX-17 Battle Entry Set (Black Ver.; green Xtreme Line)
  • BX-00 Xtreme Stadium Light Package (white, red Xtreme Line)
  • UX-04 Battle Entry Set U (Special Ver.; orange Xtreme Line)