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Yoshio Iwayama (岩山美男 Iwayama Yoshio) is one of the antagonist in Beyblade: Shogun Steel. A member of DNA, he is a Blader who holds the Defense Type Beyblade, Bandit Golem DF145BS.

Physical Appearance

With a large figure, Yoshio is very built, with extreme muscles, out of which the ones of his arms look very disproportionate in comparation with his much slimmer legs. He is the tallest member of his team. He has tanned skin and has semi-long curly green hair that is covered by his helmet and matches his thin green eyebrows above the small pink eyes.

He would usually be seen wearing a loose pilot's helmet and goggles, a ripped purple t-shirt, rosewood fingerless gloves that tuck into his gold wristbands with a lighter gold trims and tight-fitting brown trousers, held up by a brown belt and gray suspenders with matching gold buckles. He also wears knee-leight light brown boots.


Yoshio is a skyscraper compared to Eight.

Yoshio has a personality similar to Ryuga. He is a ruthless person, showing no pity or consolations for any actions he commits to anyone. His first assault on the youth only proved it, much to their dismay. However he is open minded, Yoshio had an intent to pursue Kite Unabara through any possible ways; even going as far as challenging Eight who claimed to be Kite. He is very loyal to Kira Hayama.


Yoshio, shining light on Eight with his Golem

At some point in Metal Bey City, Yoshio Iwayama uses his Beyblade, Bandid Goreim DF145BS in attacking over dozens of young Beybladers where as a result, their face mark was tainted completely. Searching for Kite Unabara, little did he know that his younger brother, Eight overheard the youngsters upon a trip to the B-Pit. Soon enough though, Yoshio came across Eight, claiming to be Kite Unabara.

Finally figuring out who Kite is, he challenged the so-called "Kite" to a Beybattle to discover who's Bey is truly the Defensive type. Acknowledging this, Eight used Pirate Orochi 145D disguised as Guardian Leviathan 160SB, the true Bey of Kite. As they pitted their Beyblades to battle, Yoshio obtained second-thoughts about "Kite" and "Leviathan" was unable to protect itself from hits whatsoever. Zyro Kurogane and his friends suddenly swept the scene and found Eight; yelling out his name in delight.

Taking a moment to think, Yoshio realized that Eight impersonated Kite and without hesitation, ultimately defeated the "little boy" while Zero and the rest were shocked.

The following day, Yoshio would have his match against Kite. Kite declared he would make Yoshio regret his earlier fight with Eight. Taking place at the Bey Park, Yoshio used a strategy where his Golem would ride close to the Stadium's gates and run towards Kite's Leviathan which could spring back and ram Golem with the pattern repeating. However, even though Kite revealed his true might through Leviathan in their last clash, Yoshio was still stronger and knocked-out Leviathan. Yet as a result, Leviathan sustained heavy damage to its Chrome Wheel which left it unable to battle.

Sometime later Yoshio went to a beypark where he was called to meet with Akuya Onizaki and his gang. He offered the Big Blader a place in his gang to which Yoshio refused. Angred by his defance Akuya challenged Yoshio to a battle to get him to lissen which the Earth Blader accepted. during the fight Golem kept smahing into Gargole causing Akuya to call on his gang for help.

Though suited for the fight, they like Gargole, are still not a single match to withstand any of Goreim's solid iron wall of defense. One by one, each HWS Bey is knocked out of the Stadium until only Gargole is left, with Akuya in deep fear.

After losing Akuya swore to get revenge on Yoshio before leaving. Zero couldnt take it anymore and challenged Yoshio which the big blader excepted. The two square off with Samurai Ifrit W145CF attacking Golem hard.



Special Moves

  • Destructor Hammer
  • Destroy Fist
  • Iron Axe Wall
  • Rising Gaia Hammer


Yoshio uses

Yoshio preparing to launch

a black or dark-grey Shogun Ripcord Launcher with bronze prongs and a indigo ripcord.


Beyblade: Shogun Steel
Opponent Episode Result
DNA Bladers Offscreen Win
Beypark Bladers ZG019 Win (offscreen)
Unknown Bladers ZG019 Win
Eight Unabara ZG019 Win
Beypark Blader ZG020 Win
Kite Unabara ZG020 Win
Akuya Onizaki and his gang ZG023 Win
Zyro Kurogane ZG023/ZG024 Loss
Tournament Bladers ZG028 Win
Akuya Onizaki ZG029-ZG030 Win
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG031 Loss
Kira Hayama ZG033 Lose
Unknown Bladers ZG039 Win
Eight Unabara and Ren Kurenai (tag with DNA Bladers) ZG039 No outcome
WBBA Guards (tag with Baihu) ZG040 Win
Zyro Kurogane ZG040 Loss
Zyro Kurogane, Shinobu Hiryuin, Eight Unabara, and Ren Kurenai ( tag with Arrow, Spike, Genjuro, and DNA Bladers) ZG042 No outcome
Zyro Kurogane and Shinobu Hiryūin ZG042 No Outcome (Interrupted by Sakyo)
Sakyo Kurayami (Synchrome Opponent) ZG043 Loss
Shinobu Hiryūin ZG045 Not shown




  • Yoshio was the first DNA blader to appear on the show as well the first to battle against Zyro.