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Come on, wake up, you're not even trying out there! This is boring. So I'll just put an end to it, how about that?

—Yu Tendo, Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Episode 32

Yu Tendo (天童遊, Tendou Yuu) is a major character in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Fusion and was Gingka Hagane's first opponent in the Battle Bladers, as well being a creator of the tournament right after he won the Survival Battle.

Yu is a genius Blader who just wants to have fun with his Beyblade Flame Libra T125ES. He is a former member of the Dark Nebula, who separated from them after they turned on him and tried to destroy his Libra. Soon after that, he made friends with Gingka Hagane, and later became the substitute-member of the Japanese Representative Team, Team GanGan Galaxy during the World Beyblade Championships. The Team took 1st Place and became the Best Beybladers in the World. During the Championships, Yu's tag-partner was Tsubasa Otori.


Yu is a rather small, young boy with pale skin and distinctive facial features and peridot green eyes that are usually shining with joy. He has fluffy orange hair that spikes over the top and back of his head and as bangs over his forehead. Yu wears a white jacket paired white shorts that stop at his knees with sky blue sleeve ends and lapels with brown buttons and lime green markings that resembles the color of his Flame Libra. He also wears white mid-calf length, boot-like shoes with sky-blue highlights. He is just slightly taller than Kenta, and Tithi because of his hair.


Yu has a typical happy-go-lucky, carefree, fun-loving and cheerful personality, as expected for a child his age, and a real love for Beyblading. Though he's very young and generally good natured, he is a strong blader, intelligent, and an astute observer as well as having strong convictions. He has a tendency to idolize strong bladers who beat him and hates to be marginalized like being called a little boy, which Tsubasa calls him for fun, just to get Yu mad.

Yu gif 2 by kaiza xhakuenji-dahtycb.gif

Due to his age, he also tends to whine a lot, too. Like any typical child, he loves ice cream, pizza and various other items throughout the show. Even in the lair of the Dark Nebula organization, he was seen at one point in a room full of toys. Also he seems to like animals. He enjoys battling, and gets whiny when someone else gets to battle strong opponents and/or his opponent is weak.

He also enjoys giving nicknames to some people as a sign of friendship. He calls Kyoya "Yo-Yo" or "Kyo-Yo" ("TateKyo" in the Japanese version) who hates it to be called by this nickname, Benkei "Benben", Kenta "Kenchi", Gingka "Gingky", Hikaru "Hippity-hop", and Masamune "Mr. Butt-in-Ski", then "Masamoo-moo".

Yu generally matures over the seasons. In Metal Fusion he still acts very child-like, often following the lead of others without a thought for consequences. While he still behaves immaturely in Metal Masters, he becomes quite responsible in Metal Fury. Here, he is first shown accepting when he can't battle. Additionally, he begins caring for Tithi, often serving as a voice of maturity for him.


Yu is known for giving nicknames to all bladers he meets.

Gingka Hagane

  • Gingky

Kyoya Tategami

  • Yo-Yo

Hikaru Hasama

  • Hippity Hop

Masamune Kadoya

  • Masamoomoo
  • Mr. Butt-in-Ski

Benkei Hanawa

  • Benben
  • Big Ben

Kenta Yumiya

  • Kenji


Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Prior to joining the Dark Nebula Yu is shown training alone in a desert. Doji picks him up there and Yu battles and loses to Ryuga where he then easily becoming a Dark Nebula member, thinking that it would be fun. He quickly learns to idolize the fearsome Ryuga, going as far as to rant on endlessly about how 'awesome' Ryuga is and prematurely calling him his 'best friend'.

For the Dark Nebula, Yu participates in the Survival Battle tournament. He beats many bladers and meets Kenta Yumiya and Benkei Hanawa. He offers to help Kenta get his arm fixed and then revels he is a blader. He meets Hikaru Hasama and battles her Kenta and Benkei in a battle royal. He easily beats them all by using Inferno Blast. After Gingka's friends are defeated only 4 Bladers remain; Gingka, Madoka, Kyoya and Yu. They all head to one large plateau which contains a beystadium at the top where Yu challenges Kyoya and Gingka to a battle.

Kyoya and Gingka accept believing that they will defeat Yu with ease as a team; but they soon are trapped by Libra's sand trap. Madoka then sees that Kyoya's Leone will be destroyed if he keeps using it for so much power. When Kyoya activates his special move and Madoka launches her beyblade in order to stop Kyoya from destroying his beyblade. He wins by defeating Gingka Hagane and Kyoya Tategami and declares that his victory wish is another tournament, Battle Bladers, hosted by the Dark Nebula. This is, of course, in accordance with Doji, but also Yu's own wishes for more fun battles. Both him and Doji agree to only allow bladers with 50000 beypoints entry into the tournament. He then explains that battle Bladers will make everyone know Ryuga as the king of all bladers once he wins the tournament. After making their announcement, Doji, Yu and Ryuga take their leave, despite Gingka's great disapproval. On the helicopter ride back, Doji reveals to Yu that he didn't think Battle Bladers would have been possible without him. He didn't believe there were worthy enough bladers to be Ryuga's food. Doji then explains that when Ryuga wins Dark nebula will unleash a dark power on the world controlling everything.

He and Doji later see Tsubassa beat Kumasuke Kumade and say how unique his power is. At first he is very opposed to the uptight Tsubasa Otori joining the organization after drawing with him in battle, but he has to accept working alongside him eventually. They were given multiple tasks by Doji, including inspecting Kenta and Hyoma whom they both beat. Yu beat Hyoma by using the staduim to avoid Arries move. Doji congratulated the two on beating Kenta and Hyoma. Yu asked Tsubassa if they could battle with the later telling him he "does not play with kids". Later he goes off to a tournament to find strong bladers for Doji and meets Tetsuya Watarigani who had followed him. He watches Doji use the bey remodling system to change Mad gasher into Dark Gasher CH120FS. After Doji called Tetsuya strange Yu notes that Doji was also strange.

Yu and Tsubassa later participated in a battle where lots of points were being given and were told to find any strong Bladers and met Ginka and the gang after watching Gingka beat Ryutaro Fukami.

During the first round Yu faced an unknown blader and won easily. Then in the battle royal between him, Tsubassa, Kenta, Kyoya, Gingka and Hyoma he fought with Tsubasa to see who would fight Ginka with all three of them coming in 3rd place due to libra overusing its power. Kyoya won the match after beating Kenta. Yu later tells Tsubassa if he had not gotten in his way he would have won with Tsubassa telling him winning is not all important.

Later he and Tsubassa are seen watching Ryuga battle many opponets such as Tobio Oike and Ryutaro with Yu bragging how cool he is. Tsubassa says he will head off much to Yu's confusion. Once Tsubasa is discovered as a trader they sent many Dark Nebula bladers after him. Once they are beaten, he and Doji try to battle him but are stopped by Ryuga who says he will deal with the traitor alone. Once Phoenix saves Tsubasa, Yu remarks how cool he is which annoys Doji. He and Doji later chat about Phoneix with Yu saying how he told Tobio to go to a challenge match. Tobio loses to Gingka however. Later they go to Koma Village to find news on Phoenix although they are unsuccessful with Doji telling Yu to stop playing with Hokuto much to Yu's sadness.

Yu Tendo in a battle against Hyoma.

In the tournament, Yu has to face Gingka very early on Gingka's Pegasus gets attacked by Libra but then counters and gets repelled high into the air. Yu taunts Gingka questioning if its already over but Gingka is determined as always and commands Pegasus with a move Starblast Attack but Yu says that the move will not work on him as it didn't in their first encounter and used a move Sonic Shield repelling Pegasus, but a determined Gingka uses a new move Tornado Wing in order to attack Libra but fails as Libra's power is stronger. Yu uses a move Sonic Wave to shoot out supersonic waves from its vibrations at Pegasus who manages to dodge a couple but leaps into the air. Gingka commands Pegasus attacks Libra and says that he vows to defeat Ryuga and until then will not give up, surprising Yu and angering him to repel Pegasus. An enraged Yu uses Sonic Buster to defeat Gingka and attacks Pegasus and Kyoya notices that Yu is able to see Pegasus' position through the sandstorm he created attacking it with all its strength but Pegasus is still spinning doubting Yu and Doji's thought that he had one. Yu tells Gingka that Libra isn't just balance and stamina that he also has attack and repels Pegasus. Libra activates its special move Inferno Blast in a final attempt to defeat Gingka's Pegasus but fails as Pegasus activates its special move Storm Bringer to attack Libra. The battle is thus lost for him despite fighting very hard. He isn't mad about it though, because Gingka teaches him the fun in Beyblading with friends.

After the first Dark Nebula bladers lose in Battle Bladers and are punished for their failure, Yu first begins to understand what kind of cruel organization he's been following. He himself has lost to Gingka, but still insists Ryuga would never punish him for that, and still presumes the legendary blader is his friend. In the end, it is not Ryuga who he ends up battling but Reiji Mizuchi. Without mercy, Reiji threatens to destroy Yu and his bey completely. In their battle, Reiji uses the same strategy he used against Hyoma, which he calls the 'Serpent's Poison'. but Yu manages to use his special move to escape surprising both Doji and Reiji.

Despite being injured, Yu manages to reach Gingka and his friends after Gingka's win against Ryutaro Fukami, explaining the evil inner workings of the Dark Nebula to them. He gets to know that Kenta will be facing Reiji next and lends him Libra's performance tip to assist him but saldy Kenta loses though Yu tells Kenta what he did was really cool. Later he joins Gingka's friends to watch Tsubassa battle Ryuga and gets crushed when Ryuga takes away Tsubassa's engery with no remorse.

However, the Dark Nebula does not let go of Yu so easily and soon after he's kidnapped before Gignka fights Rejji. He is rescued by Ryo and then told the history of beyblade with the rest of the group. Everyone returns to the stadium to view the semifinal match between Kyoya and Ryuga but are surprised to see that once again, Ryuga dominates by defeating Kyoya. Yu became concerned when Ryuga became possed by Lightning L-Drago 100HF. Now Gingka must go into battle in the finals against Ryuga, with all his friends supporting him even Yu who tells him that he is a strong blader

Gingka goes into his match with Ryuga, inspired to fight for Beybladers everywhere in which he cheers him on. Gingka even defeats Ryuga, but at the cost of losing Pegasus. But in the celebration, everyone looks to a brighter future for Beybladers everywhere. Yu then mentions how cool Gingka really is. He is seen celebrating Gingka's victory in the final episode.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

The Substitute Member

As the WBBA opens up after the Dark Nebula incedent, Yu takes part in the reopening tournament for the WBBA, he makes it to the semi-finals to face Teru Saotome and easily defeats him. Yu faces Tsubasa in the finals and starts by telling him that he's been waiting for their rematch. Tsubasa and Yu battle until they are interrupted by a mysterious challenger (Masamune). He challenges both Tsubasa and Yu but Tsubasa leaves the battle after he proclaims that he doesn't battle people with no manners.Yu starts off strong as he attacks as soon as Tsubasa steps out of the battle but Masamune decides to dodge much to Yu's disappointment. Yu continues to attack while Masamune dodges annoying him enough to point out that Masamune wanted the battle, Masamune gets cocky and Yu tricks him into being attacked where Yu gains the upper hand. Masamune brags about his strength and counter by displaying Ray Striker's speed by barraging Libra with ease, Masamune becomes comfortable with his lead until Yu reveals that a barrage attack isn't going to effect Libra at all, Yu then reveals Libra's true power by activating his special move, Inferno Blast.

Yu prepares to end it but Striker interrupts Libra before it can release the attack telling him that it was too slow. Masamune then tells Yu that he's done "warming up" and openly challenges Gingka to a match. After the others tell Masamune that Gingka isn't present Masamune loses interest and leaves in search for Gingka.

Yu would now take part in the Japanese Team Selection matches. In the first round he scores 300 points moving him in the next round to face Masamune.

Masamune and Yu start off by launching perfectly as they trade blows. Masamune quickly thinks he gains the upperhand but is ineffective due to Libra's eternal sharp. Yu then activates his special move, Sonic Wave to gain the upperhand but Striker continues to evade and tries to get close to Libra but is quickly pushed back by the rain of sonic waves. Masamune continues to evade and brag about Striker's speed but is caught once Yu focus' and figures out Striker's movements.

Masamune and Yu-0.png

Yu continues to read Strikers every move and counter with his Sonic waves to attack. After several attacks Striker is trapped in the sand created by Libra's attacks. While Masamune's Striker is trapped Yu moves to finish the job with his Inferno Blast special move. Striker is slowly sucked in by Yu's attack while Yu reveals that any Bey that is sucked in will sleep out due to the super sonic vibrations being released by Libra.

Right before Striker is sucked in Gingka reveals that Masamune hasn't lost hope, then Masamune expresses his courage through a speech telling Yu that he refuses to give up and will win their match. Yu tells Masamune that it's over, but Masamune refuses to lose and embraces Libra's force and uses it to create a one point breakthrough that creates Masamune's special move, Lightning Sword Flash which pierces Libra's Inferno Blast and defeats Libra much to Yu's surprise.

After Tsubasa and Yu failed to defeat their final opponents they were cast aside for the third spot on the Japanese Team. Since Kyoya left the third spot vacant, the two battle for it the winner receiving it and the loser becoming the sub member.

The two launch with equal speed as Eagle goes straight to the offense and attacks Libra. Libra begins a counter attack as Yu uses his special move, Sonic Wave to push Eagle back. Yu tells Tsubasa he can't run and decides to use his special move, Sonic Buster to trap Eagle. Eagle evades by flying above the sand and out of the stadium into the sky, this avoids the ground trap and attacks Libra from above. Libra uses Sonic Shield to repel Eagle Libra escapes Eagle's oncoming attacks and trys to lead Eagle into the sand trap to no avail, it is revealed by Gingka that Tsubasa is trying to use close up attacks to keep Yu from charging his Libra's special move, Inferno Blast. Eagle goes for yet another attack but Yu blocks with his special move, Sonic Shield which repels Eagle. Yu uses the opportunity to charge his Libra's Inferno Blast. Yu releases his special move and quickly sucks Eagle in, as Yu boasts his victory Tsubasa reveals it's working just as he planned. Tsubasa reveals he can match the vibration wavelengths in order to get inside Yu's special move without damage. Yu reveals he already knew what Tsubasa was up to and changes the form of the Inferno Blast by changing the frequency around which changed the colors several times. Yu reveals that he can randomly change the wavelengths in order to make it so Tsubasa can't match them. Eagle is trapped inside and is shaken by the vigorous vibrations, before accepting defeat Tsubasa clears his mind to find out that instead of fighting the vibrations he should just allow Eagle to soar and resonate with them.

By doing this Eagle soars through Libra's move and crashes into it causing a massive explosion. The smoke clears and reveals that Libra has stopped spinning and Tsubasa takes home the win and the third spot on the team.

Later Yu become a sub member of the team Gan Gan Galaxy. Yu and the team of Gan Gan Galaxy go to China to fight the Chinese team Team Wang Hu Zhong. During Masamune's match with Chao Xin on the Great Wall of China, Yu notes how unique of a blader he is. Yu does not participate in this battle. Yu is a spectator and cheers for his friends. Team Gan Gan Galaxy wins and goes to Russia.

Team GanGan Galaxy later heads to the middle east where they search for the members of the Arabian team.They find that the three members are named Gasur, Karte & Zidane and are apart of the Arabian Team, Team Desert Blaze. GanGan quickly befriends the Team and cheers them on in their match against the Euro Team, Team Excalibur. Surprisingly only one member of Excalibur shows his face, Julian Konzern and he is able to defeat Desert Blaze alone, shocking GanGan Galaxy as Excalibur may become their future opponent.

Libra Departs for the Front!

One night on the train ride to Russa, a strange boy in a spacesuit named Nowaguma scared them and apologized but they didn't understand him. A girl named Lera told them what he's saying, but then Aleksei arrived and battled Team Gan Gan Galaxy. However, Tsubasa left to go to sleep so they ended up battling them, purposely losing.

Nowaguma said that Gingka is strong but Lera lied that he is saying that he lost on purpose. Yu was about to battle Lera but Masamune battled her, much to Yu's dismay. In the meantime, Alexie taught Madoka about the speed of light. While all that was happening, Aleksei was secretly downloading data of the teams Beyblades from Madoka's computer. Lera lost, but she angrily said that she lost on purpose. Masamune didn't believe her, making her face go red in anger. Aleksei decided to battle Yu but lost on purpose, angering Lera even more. Yu said that the battle isn't fun, then Team Luvushka left. At night Masamune disappears. Anton looks at the stolen data from Madoka's computer. Gan Gan Galaxy haven't received a message from the WBBA about Masamune as he walked the mountains. Alexsei shows Gan Gan Galaxy the space shuttle that his team will go on if they win the tournament. The next round of the tournament is beginning and Masamune still hasn't come back yet Gingka will battle in the first round and Anton has found out by spying on them so he chose Nowaguma. Masamune gets help from sky pilot. The battle between Gingka and Nowaguma will be a steel cage match. Gingka try to use his Starbooster Attack but can't because of the cage, so he tries again but Anton acvivates an electric field that stops Pegasus. Rock Orso stops Galaxy Pegasus attacks and knocks it into the cage. Pegasus absorbs Orso power to break through the cage and use Starbooster Attack again sending Rock Orso into the cage defeating Nowaguma. The sky pilot drops Masamune at the train station near Russia.Team GanGan Galaxy is up one win against Team Lovushka with Gingka's victory. Team leader Aleksei steps up and Tsubasa allows Yu to battle since Masamune isn't present. The Russians underestimate Yu due to his status as a sub Beyblader. The stadium is revealed as it appears to be a normal stadium, much to Yu's dissappointment.The battle begins as Wolf seems to be able to go head to head with Libra's standard power. Aleksei reveals in his last battle with Yu he caculated everything he need to defeat Yu, though the threat goes one ear and out the other as Yu activates his special move; Sonic Wave. But during the waves travel to Wolf it ceases and dissappears, Yu tries again with more then one wave but they are all canceled out. Aleksei ceases the moment and sends Wolf into attack sending Libra flying.

Aleksei capitalizes by activates Burn Wolf's true power by levitating it in mid air much to everyones suprize. Yu deduces that Aleksei has psychic abilities and thats how he's making it float but Aleksei counters by telling him that thats impossible and its just science. Aleksei tells him that he's figured out that Yu's ace is his special move and the one time it was broken through (actually four times, Masamune & Tsubasa three times) it led to Yu's defeat meaning if Aleksei can do the same he can win.

Yu vs Aleksei-0.png

Yu refuses to believe Aleksei can win in such a way and Libra attacks with leaping strikes but Wolf is able to float horizantally in order to dodge them. This leaves Libra to tire itself out in the one place that it's ES preformance tip won't maintain the unlimited stamina, the air. Yu tries to hit Wolf in the air but is unsuccesfull, this causes Madoka to confront Aleksei about the stadium which she has analized to find strange wave output. Yu figures out that Aleksei is cheating by using these waves to cancel out Libra's sonic vibrations which is the source of all Libra's attacks. Yu tells Aleksei that he is not a true beyblader and that without true spirit for battle that he cannot win, even by cheating. Yu sends Libra high into the air and slams it down into the stadium creating a giant crater which disrupts Wolf's levitation. Libra keeps this up and destroys pieces of the stadium which disrupts the wave energy sending Wolf back onto ground and allowing Libra to use its super sonic vibrations. Libra slams Wolf hard sending it flying out of the stadium as Yu takes the win. Later, Masamune was found. After Anton is put out of commission Aleksei regrets his actions and apologizes to Gingka and the others leaving the two teams on better terms as Team GanGan Galaxy departs for Greece.

The Trials of Teamwork

In order to find out more about the European Team, GanGan Galaxy heads to Spain for the Annual festival of Warriors. While in Spain the unknowingly encounter Sophie and Wales who are a part of Excalibur, though this is not known until they reveal themselves as such in the Festival.

GanGan Galaxy finds the Festival but are denied entry due to their heritage of not being a European native. Sophie and Wales are then able to pick out GanGan Galaxy who trespassed in the Festival, since they are not European natives. Several Bladers challenge GanGan Galaxy and are easily defeated , but next Julian would step up to challenge GanGan Galaxy to a three vs three Beybattle. Masamune, Gingka and Yu gracefully accept to face Julian, Sophie and Wales.

Like with Chi-yun and Mei Mei, Masamune would now have to work together with Gingka and now Yu to face Excalibur. Even though they work well together, they are no match for the might of Julian's twin jewlels, Sophie and Wales who block every move and even eliminate Yu from the match.

Masamune and Gingka combine their strengths to finnaly break through the Cetus blockade but are quickly and easily defeated by Julian in the blink of an eye.

Humilated, GanGan Galaxy leaves the festival in shame, looking to train in team arts.Yu and his friends mates decide to begin team building exercises to heighten their skills as a team. They draw straws to decide who will be on who's team and it is decided to be Gingka & Yu vs. Tsubasa & Masamune.The battle starts off with Gingka's Starbooster Attack which backfired due to Gingka and Yu attacking Tsubasa at the same time. Gingka and Yu begin to argue over who's fault it was as Masamune comes from behind Pegasus and uses his Lightning Sword Flash. Yu's Libra moves to intercept and while the three are in a group, Tsubasa uses his Metal Wing Smash which misses sparking an argument between he and Masamune.

Yu claims that he can't take it anymore and activates his Libra's Inferno Blast not caring if Gingka's Pegasus is sucked in. Pegasus slams into Striker which slams into Eagle dragging them all closer to the attack and sparking several arguments, Masamune states that it is now a four way battle rather then a Tag Team. All of them begin to yell at each other until Madoka steps in and reminds them that they need to stop fighting and this is about team work which ultimately ends the battle.When it seems that anyhope of working together is lost, old friends from Team Wang Hu Zhong appear to announce their entry in the consolation tournament. While with GanGan Galaxy, Chao Xin helps Madoka re-accept the team while Dashan trains the team in working together.

''Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!''

With his help the team gets in sync and as one final test, Masamune and Gingka are paired to face Dashan and Chao Xin while Yu and Tsubasa face Chi-yun and Mei-Mei.The battle begins with Eagle challenging Lacerta with several direct hits but is interrupted by Libra's Sonic Wave which nearly hits Eagle but misses all of its targets. While Tsubasai and Yu argue, Chi-Yun and Mei-Mei use the chance by activating their "Great Mountain Formation" where Aquario slams into Libra who easily defends until Lacerta comes in and slams the distracted Libra. They capitalize with a "Heaven and Earth" formation where Aquario is pushed by Lacerta into slamming Eagle, sending it flying. Madoka then stresses that their attitudes towards team work haven't changed since the beginning and Wang Hu Zhong begins to taunt which finally knocks a sense of urgency into Team GanGan Galaxy.

Gingka and the others then think back on their loss against Excalibur and reminds his team mates they have to be number one and stand on top of the world! Even so Chi-Yun and Mei-Mei reuse their Heaven and Earth formation which fails due to Eagle's intervention, Libra then seizes the moment and seperates Lacerta from Aquairo, showing Tsubasa and Yu have finally learned team work. Inspired by their team work, Wang Hu Zhong including Chi-Yun and Mei-Mei decide that it's time to finish the battle. All of them activate their special moves, Tempestous Whirlwind Sword, Soaring Fire Bird, Diving Crush, Lightning Sword Flash, Starbooster Attack, Storm Surge and Inferno Blast respectively. The special moves clash and after the smoke settles it turns out that everyone was eliminated simultaniously, resulting in a draw.

VS Wild Fang

Tsubasa accepts-0.png

Team GanGan Galaxy returns to Japan to face the African Team Representatives Team Wild Fang. Their matches begin almost immediately as Masamune is defeated by Nile. Next Gingka and Kyoya ignite their rivalry and battle to a draw. Tsubasa goes up next against Demure who changes it to a tag team including Benkei and Yu.The battle begins with two head on collsions between Tsubasa and Benkei alongside Yu and Demure. Tsubasa's Eagle is sent flying back by Bull's powerful smash but comes right back with a barrage of attacks using Eagle's speed to easily dodge and smash from different angles. Demure begins to use his kinetic vision to analyze Eagle and notes it uses its WD tip to stand up to attacks then uses its wing-like energy ring to ride on the wind and switch to attack mode. While Demure is distracted Yu gains his attention by striking with his Libra and notices that Demure is not a very powerful Beyblader after all. Yu continues his onslaught while Demure analyzes Libra noting that it uses the centrifugal force from its ES track to maintain a great amount of stamina.

Demure retreats from Libra and as Bull is knocked by Eagle, Scorpio slams into Bull's back and sends it into Eagle which slams Eagle across the stadium. Demure then uses his speed to send Scorpio into Eagle and have Bull slam it as it lands with this Bull is able to capitalise and slam Eagle several times. By focusing his kinetic vision on Eagle's tip, he is able to tell what Eagle will do before it does it allowing Benkei to use Bull to intercept Eagle with overwelming strength. They use this strategy several times until Yu finally steps in and tries to help. Demure stops Yu by intercepting Libra while telling Benkei what to do from afar, the tactic is successfull as Bull dominates Eagle once again.

Tsubasa figures out that the match was set up to be this way and it was a trap all along, Nile comfirms it which causes the Dark Power to begin influencing Tsubasa. Yu decides to take control of the match and activates his special move, Sonic Buster turning a section of the stadium into a pit of sand with super sonic vibrations, trapping Scorpio and Bull. Eagle is able to soar over the stadium at low altitude to avoid the sand trap giving Tsubasa the perfect opening as Eagle smashes ferociously into Bull further trapping it.

This plan actually backfires as Bull seemingly races atop the sand shocking everyone. Demure then reveals that Scorpio is carying Bull on top of it, due to Scorpio's nature it can race along the sand as well as the sand is where a Scorpion feels most at home. Benkei then activates his special move, Red Horn Uppercut the slams Eagle trapping it in the sand instead. This infuriates Tsubasa as he remembers that everyone is counting on him, the Dark Power seizes his body as Tsubasa loses control.

Tsubasa loses his mind to the dark power as it consumes Eagle and recklessly strikes through the sand and sends both Scorpio and Bull flying. The Dark Eagle rages around the stadium as everyone notices Tsubasa's loss of sanity. The Dark Eagle's power begins to destroy the stadium. Yu notices Tsubasa's loss of control and tries to stop him but Tsubasa tells him he's in the way and strikes Libra and continues to finish off Scorpio and Bull. Tsubasa fills the stadium with his dark power and shoots it out like a gyser to finish the battle once and for all as the Dark Eagle transforms into a Dark Dragon and explodes causing major collateral damage. When the dust settles it is revealed that Scorpio, Bull, and Libra have all slept out leaving Tsubasa as the lone victor.Unconscious in the hospital for the rest of the match, Tsubasa was not present during Gingka & Masamune vs. Kyoya & Nile.After their victory Yu cheers for Gingka and Masamune, Team GanGan Galaxy heads to Europe once more to face Team Excalibur.

Gingka and Team GanGan Galaxy return to Europe to view Wang Hu Zhong's match with Team Excalibur. They watch in anticipation of who there next opponents will be in the A-Block Finals. It turns out that Team Wang Hu Zhong was indeed defeated by Excalibur without the help of Dashan himself. Now GanGan Galaxy must face Team Excalibur in the A-Block Finals. Gingka and the others worry about Tsubasa's condition as he is almost removed from the team but Gingka decide to move along with Big Bang Bladers with Tsubasa intact. The A-Block Finals begin and on the teams way to the stadium they run into a face that is all too familiar. Ryuga has returned and challenges Gingka with his new Meteo L-Drago LW105LF. Yu and Masamune tell their opponets that Gignka and Tsubassa will be here soon.


The match begins between Team GanGan Galaxy & Team Excalibur. After Masamune is defeated by Klaus, Tsubasa recommends a Team Battle against Sophie & Wales. Tsubasa and Yu are overwhelmed by Sophie & Wales. Tsubasa loses control once more and goes berserk. Sophie & Wales easily see through his reckless attacks but within himself he was able to overcome the dark power as Ryuga said.

Tsubasa finally breaks through after remembering his past and his present along with his friends. Tsubasa then activates a new special move: Shining Tornado Buster and defeats Sophie & Wales single-handedly. Yu very happy for a friend. Gingka later beats Julian winning the A block final.

The Brazilian Trap

After beating Team Excalibur The team goes on a cruise to Brazil. They find out about Team Garcias by watching their battles and meeting up with Kenta. While relaxing and watching Team Garcias previous match on TV with the United States Team; Team Starbreakers, Masamune recognizes his childhood friend Zeo on the US Team. Masamune states that he was a very weak blader back when he trained with him and is surprised to see that he helped to defeat the Garcias. During this time, Yu is ambushed by Team Garcias while exploring and they severely damage his bey. Infuriated, Team GanGan Galaxy heads into their match knowing something is very wrong with the way the Garcias play. The Garcias suggest a 4 on 4 elimination style match and GanGan Galaxy accepts. Yu goes first but due to his beys injuries, he is easily defeated.

Masamune then steps in to face the main assailant, Enzo Garcia. Masamune easily defeats Enzo using his newfound blader spirit and moves on to face Selen Garcia. Selen tricks Masamune countless times with underhanded distractions which costs Masamune the match, leaving most of it up to Gingka who defeats Selen and Ian but is defeated by Argo when he wasn't paying attention. The final match would be up to Tsubasa who would rise to the ranks and defeat Argo fair and square.

Hades city

When Libra repaired, Yu and Tsubasa have a beybattle again to test the beys. Unfortunately, Demian interrupts the battle and sends Yu and Tsubasa into a coma. They woke up after the end of the championship to destroy Hades City along with the rest of the Gingka's gang members and Wang Hu Zhong and Excalibur (except Julian). They help Gingka defeat Argo and together they reach Hades base. Yu gets trapped in the arrangement, but was able to get out using Libra's infernal blast.

After the destruction of Hades City, Yu and Tsubasa set off on a journey.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Yu is absent for a long time in Metal Fury on account of a training journey. He later reappears when Kyoya is searching for a monster

Yu having a Bey Battle with Tithi

to defeat and Yu is on the exact same mission. Yu then notices Kyoya's new bey and thinks it is very impressive. He then challenges Kyoya to a battle to which the latter reluctantly agrees. The battle begins and Kyoya notices that Yu has really harnessed Libra's power to the limit. Yu then uses a new special move called Final Inferno Blast which is an improved version of the old move and Kyoya counters with his King Lion Crushing Fang but the battle is interrupted by an unknown bey owned by the monster. The monster then grabs his bey and runs off and the two follow him. Yu comes up with a plan to capture the monster and they manage to capture him. They then find out that its only a young boy named Tithi who just wants to battle but is very shy so he lives up in the mountains and wears a mask so everyone thinks he is a monster. Yu then challenges Tithi to a battle and it is on as Kyoya watches closely to determine whether Tithi is the Legendary Blader of Venus because he possesses Death Quetzalcoatl. The battle is fierce and quite even. In the end Yu release his Final Inferno Blast but Tithi counters with his own special move, Ishtar Impact which sends Yu down to defeat. Kyoya is then convinced of his early thoughts and battles Tithi but the latter is unwilling. Tithi holds back while he is hammered by Leone. Just as Leone was about to end it, Yu intervenes and convinces Kyoya that it is pointless if the opponent isn't fighting back. Later he, Tithi and Kyoya go to the Mayan ruins where Nemesis is being revived and there Yu battles alongside King and Masamune and together they defeat the Nemesis Bladers, Keyser and Herschel. They then head on ahead and there Yu witnesses Proto Nemesis, Zeus's barrier. He battles Nemisis along with the legndary Bladers and Massamune but get no where. Rago makes the temple colpise and they barley escape.

At the headquaters the team discusses their next plan of attack and then begans to train with Tithi. He and Tithi battle Chris and Yuki Mizusawa together to get them ready for Nemsis. All of a sudden an earthquake happens.

He and the Legendary Bladers fly by helicopter to Rago and Pluto, where they have a beybattle. They win and the world was saved.

Yu congratulating Tithi for his victory


  • Flame Libra T125ES: Yu's primary Beyblade in the Metal Saga It is a Stamina Type Beyblade with incredible endurance and impressive speed and attack power. Its Spin Track and Performance Tip allow it to spin for an incredibly long amount of time while maintaining balance, and can allow it to change direction easily. Libra's most unique ability is its power to produce sonic vibrations which Yu uses for various purposes.

Special Moves

  • Sonic Wave: Libra channels sonic vibrations in multiple waves to attack the opponent. On contact it disrupts the target's balance and drains it's stamina.
  • Sonic Shield: Libra covers itself in sonic vibrations to counter the attacks of an incoming Beyblade. It is a powerful enough shield to fend off attack type special moves such as that of Pegasus' Star-blast Attack.
  • Sonic Buster: Libra erupts with Sonic Vibrations causing the ground around it to turn to sand and trap it's opponents, causing them to lose stamina and sink into the ground.
  • Inferno Blast : Libra produces a huge blast of sonic vibrations that draws opposing beys towards it. A Bey caught in the blast would lose stamina and eventually stop spinning. In Metal Masters, it is revealed that Yu is able to modify the frequency of the blast as well, causing it to change color. It was Yu's strongest special move in Metal Fusion and Metal Masters .
  • Final Inferno Blast: Libra produces a blast of vibrations similar to the Inferno Blast, but much stronger as a result of Yu's training. It was Yu's strongest move, and allowed it to break through Nemesis' force-field.


Yu is rightfully considered one of the strongest bladers, according to Blader DJ. He has many successes, from winning tournaments to defeating Nemesis along with other members of Gingka's gang. Yu has long been considered the second most powerful blader of Dark Nebula, who was once able to easily defeat Gingka and his friends. Even though Yu didn't get the Star Fragment, he still fights well against Legendary Bladers like Kyoya and Tithi.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown bladers Offscreen Win
Ryuga MF020 Lose
Survival Battle Bladers MF020 Win
Survival Battle Blader MF021 Win
Hikaru Hasama, Benkei Hanawa Kenta Yumiya MF021 Win (due to ant lion trap)
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami , Madoka Amano MF022 Win (due to libra's armor)
Tsubasa Otori MF026 Draw (due to opponet not using full power)
2 tornment Bladers MF027 Win (due to surprise attack)
Hyoma MF027 Win (due to libra surviving the water)
Tornment Blader MF031 Win
Kyoya Tategami, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Tsubasa Otori Gingka Hagane MF032 Lose (due to using to much power) (3rd Place) with Gingka and Tsubasa
Gingka Hagane MF040 Lose (due to storm bringer)
Reiji Mizuchi MF042 No outcome (ran away)
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Tornment Blader (1st round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Tornment Blader (2nd round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Teru Saotome MM001 Win
Tsubasa Otori MM001 No Outcome (interupted by Masamune)
Masamune Kadoya MM001 No Outcome (Opponet retreated)
Selection Bladers MM004 Win
Japanese selection match MM004 Win (fourth place)
Masamune Kadoya MM004 Lose (due to Strikers full power)
Tsubasa Otori MM006 Lose (due to Eagle flying into Libra)
Gingka Hagane, Masamune Kadoya Tsubasa Otori MM013 Tsubasa = Win

Gingka, Masamune = No Outcome

Aleksei MM013 Win (opponet lost on purpose)
Aleksei MM015 Win (due to disrupting the wave energy)
Festival of Warriors Bladers (Tag w/ Masamune and Gingka) MM016 Win
Julian Konzern, Wales and Sophie (Tag w/ Gingka and Masamune) MM016 Lose (due to lack of teamwork)
Masamune Kadoya and Tsubasa Otori (Tag w/ Gingka) MM017 No Outcome (due to fighting)
Chi-yun Li and Mei-Mei (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM017 Draw
Benkei Hanawa and Demure (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM022 Win (due to Tsubasa's dark power) (eliminated)
Sophie and Wales (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM028 Win (due to Tsubasa breaking free)
Team Garcias (Ambush) MM030 Lose (due to cheating)
Enzo Garcia MM031 Lose (due to Libra being injured)
Tsubasa Otori (Race Battle) MM037 No Outcome (interrupted by Damian)
Damian Hart (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM037 Lose
Argo Garcia (Tag w/ Tsubasa) MM046 Win (due to surprise attack)
HD Academy Bladers (Tag w/ Team GanGan Galaxy and Kyoya) MM047 Win
Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Benkei, and Unknown Bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Benkei, Teru, and Unknown Bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Benkei and Kenta) Lose
Sun Footsoldiers Win
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Kyoya Tategami 4D027 No Outcome
Kyoya Tategami 4D028 No Outcome (interrupted by Tithi)
Tithi 4D029 Lose (due to opponents' full power)
Kyoya Tategami (Tag w/Tithi) 4D030 No Outcome
Keyser and Herschel (Tag w/ Masamune and King) 4D035-4D037 Win (due to the joint special move)
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers (except Aguma) and,Masamune) 4D039 No Outcome (Ruins Collapsed)
Yuki Mizusawa and Chris (Tag w/ Tithi) 4D041 No Outcome (Earthquake)
Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, (Except Ryuga)) 4D042 Win (due to wind)
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa and Masamune) 4D045- 4D048 Draw (Group result, Yu eliminated)
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa and Masamune) 4D049 Win (Group result, Yu eliminated)



Yu genuinely admired Ryuga when he defeated him. He joined Dark Nebula out of respect for Ryuga and because he wanted to have fun with him. He considered him much cooler than Gingka and did not understand why Kenta preferred him over Ryuga. But when Yu loses to Gingka in Battle Bladers, Ryuga wanted to take his powers and left him to Suffer by Rejji, but luckily, Yu manages to escape. Now, he considers Ryuga to be a very cruel person and understands that he should be stopped. Yu was one of those who supported Gingka when he fought Ryuga.

They see each other again before Yu fights Sophie and Wales, it was clear that Yu was very afraid of Ryuga. Yu later learned that Ryuga helped fight Jack causing him to feel surprised. When Ryuga dies at the hands of Rago, Yu was very sympathetic despite what happened in the past.

Kenta Yumiya

Yu and Kenta first met during a Survival Battle, where Yu helped him when his hand hurt by showing him the infirmary. It was clear that they were getting along well and could become friends. During the beyblade battle, Yu showed good skills and defeated Gingka's gang, making him the winner of the Survival Battle. Kenta and the rest of his friends were very happy for Yu, until it was revealed that Yu had been a member of the Dark Nebula all along, causing Kenta to have a prejudice against him.

However, Yu still got on well with Kenta and was very happy when he made it to the Battle Royale, which puzzled Kenta. When Doji, Ryuga, and Reiji tried to take Yu's power, he fled to Gingka's gang. Yu told them what happened and Kenta was furious about it and promised Yu that he would beat Reiji even though Yu had warned him to be careful. He gave his Libra to Kenta, who used his tip for Sagittario to fight Reiji. Yu supported Kenta during the fight and after the defeat. After that, Doji kidnaps Yu and Kenta rescues him along with the other members of Gingka's gang. They became best friends and continue their friendship in the future. Kenta and Yu took part in the battle with Nemesis and won.

Benkei Hanawa

Benkei did not like Yu very well due to his strange behavior and being a member of the Dark Nebula. However, Yu got along well with him and the other members of Gingka's gang. Yu told Benkei that he was very disappointed that Benkei had been defeated by Tsubasa. After Yu left the Dark Nebula, their relationship improved and they became friends. As shown in the movie, they sometimes spend time together and with Kenta.

Gingka Hagane

Gignka initially treated Yu well, even when he defeated him in a survival battle, he was genuinely happy for him when he became the winner of the tournament. But when it was revealed that Yu was a member of the Dark Nebula, he treated him with caution. Yu was very proud that he had defeated such a strong opponent as Gingka and boasted about it many times. During the battle bladers, Yu loses to him and despite the fact that Gingka and Yu were enemies, Gingka said that he really enjoyed fighting Yu and would like to do it again. He was very inspired, but Doji was not happy with this and took it as a betrayal. Yu ran away to Gingka and his friends. After that, their relationship got better. They were part of the Japanese team together and fought together against Nemesis. They both often fool around together.

Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa deliberately annoyed Yu by calling him a little boy. During the beyblade battle with him, Tsubasa continued to taunt Yuu and he became completely angry when Tsubasa said that he was not fighting at full strength. Doji sent them on missions together, such as when they both broke into the tournament where Kenta and Hyoma were battled. They both took part in the battle royale, where they initially wanted to cooperate, but ended up going against each other. When Tsubasa tried to steal the Dark Nebula's data, Doji and Yu tried to catch him, but the Phoenix managed to save Tsubasa.

They later became friends when Yu joined Gingka's gang. He was very worried about Tsubasa when he fought Ryuga. When Tsubasa lost, Yu ran out of the stadium in tears. After the Battle Bladers, they continued to be friends and took part in some kind of tournament together, where in the final they had to fight against each other. They both became part of the Team GanGan Galaxy and were tag-partners. Yu helped Tsubasa when he was consumed by a dark powers. At some point, they were both sent into a coma by Damian and his Bey, thus missing the championship final. After the destruction of Hades, they both went on a training journey together.


In the beginning, Yu's and Doji's relationship seemed fairly relaxed. It's been shown that Doji even went out of his way to design a huge playing room with a great amount of toys for Yu. He's been fairly lenient for Yu's requests as well and usually let him casually spend time at his office. Doji even attempted to tell Yu about his feelings (concerning cacti, specifically), but it ended up a one-sided monologue, seeing Yu was never interested.

Their fairly good relation immediately changed by the time Yu started being influenced as Gingka and seeing Beyblading as fun. Any friendliness Doji ever showed him vanished completely, being replaced by the strict cruelty he also displays to other members of the Dark Nebula. It seems as if he saw Yu's change of heart as such as treason. He also had no problim kidnapping Yu to use his power for Ryuga.

Madoka Amano

They are friends, but Yu fears Madoka's wrath and believes her to be the true leader of the GanGan Galaxy.


Yu and Tithi are very good friends. Yu helps him overcome his shyness and they once had a beyblade battle together.

Anime Appearances

Metal Fusion

Metal Masters


  • Yu Tendo's name means "Wandering Child of the Gods" from the Kanji of his name: Child of the Gods or Cherubim [天童] (Tendou) and Wander [遊] (Yuu).
  • Yu only appears to have two close friends who he doesn't give nicknames at any time to: Madoka and Tsubasa.
  • During Metal Fusion, everyone referred to Yu as "Dark Nebula's Number Two", up until they met the true number two; Reiji Mizuchi.
  • Both Yu and his Beyblade have their names related to number 10. Yu's (Yuu's) name means "Ten" in Japanese. His Beyblade is Libra. Libra is the 10th sign in the horoscope.
  • He is the only Blader on Team Gangan Galaxy (excluding Ryuga) to not be seen in Beyblade: Shogun Steel.
  • He is the only member of GanGan Galaxy to not use a String Launcher. He uses a Ripcord Launcher.
  • He is the only member of GanGan Galaxy that does not show his bey's avatar, Libra.
  • His Beyblade, Flame Libra, has been broken a lot of times throughout the series. His bey broke against Reiji, Argo, Enzo, Damian, and Nemesis.


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