Yu Tendo vs. Aleksei is the second and final match up between Team GanGan Galaxy and Team Lovushka.


Team GanGan Galaxy is up one win against Team Lovushka with Gingka's victory. Team leader Aleksei steps up and Tsubasa allows Yu to battle since Masamune isn't present. The Russians underestimate Yu due to his status as a sub beyblader. The stadium is revealed as it appears to be a normal stadium, much to Yu's dissappointment.


The battle begins as Wolf seems to be able to go head to head with Libra's standard power. Aleksei reveals in his last battle with Yu he caculated everything he need to defeat Yu, though the threat goes one ear and out the other as Yu activates his special move; Sonic Wave. But during the waves travel to Wolf it ceases and dissappears, Yu tries again with more then one wave but they are all canceled out. Aleksei ceases the moment and sends Wolf into attack sending Libra flying.

Wolf flys

Wolf Levitating.

Aleksei capitalizes by activates Burn Wolf's true power by levitating it in mid air much to everyones suprize. Yu deduces that Aleksei has psychic abilities and thats how he's making it float but Aleksei counters by telling him that thats impossible and its just science. Aleksei tells him that he's figured out that Yu's ace is his special move and the one time it was broken through (actually four times, Masamune & Tsubasa three times) it led to Yu's defeat meaning if Aleksei can do the same he can win.

Yu refuses to believe Aleksei can win in such a way and Libra attacks with leaping strikes but Wolf is able to float horizantally in order to dodge them. This leaves Libra to tire itself out in the one place that it's ES preformance tip won't maintain the unlimited stamina, the air. Yu tries to hit Wolf in the air but is unsuccesfull, this causes Madoka to confront Aleksei about the stadium which she has analized to find strange wave output. Yu figures out that Aleksei is cheating by using these waves to cancel out Libra's sonic vibrations which is the source of all Libra's attacks.

Yu retakes the match

Yu retakes the match!

Yu tells Aleksei that he is not a true beyblader and that without true spirit for battle that he cannot win, even by cheating. Yu sends Libra high into the air and slams it down into the stadium creating a giant crater which disrupts Wolf's levatation. Libra keeps this up and destroys pieces of the stadium which disrupts the wave energy sending Wolf back onto ground and allowing Libra to use its super sonic vibrations. Libra slams Wolf hard sending it flying out of the stadium as Yu takes the win.
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