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Yu Tendo vs. Tsubasa Otori takes place in the final round of the WBBA Re-Opening Tournament after Tsubasa and Yu both win their matches.


The Tournament is ongoing for the WBBA re-opening and Tsubasa is paired up against Benkei while Yu is against Teru. Both Tsubasa and Yu are victorious which leads them to face each other in the next match up. There encounter begins with Tsubasa mentioning its time for them to settle their score, Yu replies telling him he has been looking forward to it.


Both Tsubasa and Yu launch perfectly and circle the stadium until they simultaneously decide to attack at the same time at full speed. The two beys are about to collide but are interrupted by a mysterious bey that knocks the two beys away from each other. It is revealed that Masamune Kadoya interrupted the match looking for a good battle but Tsubasa decides to leave as he is uninterested in battling Masamune.

Eagle and Libra Interrupted

Match is interrupted by a mysterious bey.


After Tsubasa leaves to Masamune's disappointment, Yu decides to stay and face Masamune in a singles match.