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If you wanna battle Xander, first you go through ME!
— Yugo Nansui, Beyblade Burst

Yugo Nansui (南翠ユーゴ, Nansui Yūgo) is a character in the Beyblade Burst anime and manga series. His Beyblade is Yugen Yegdrion Gravity Yielding.


Yugo has brown hair with a yellow Mohawk and brown eyes. He also has a bandage under his left eye. He wears a green jacket with black-and-red checkerboard-like lines on top of the sleeves over a white t-shirt and matching pants. Yugo's shoes are black and white.


Yugo has a lot of confidence and is known to concentrate and be formal when he battles, reflecting his desire to be a samurai. However, he can also be rather hot-tempered and hates losing. Although he can come off as aloof, he is fiercely loyal to his teammates and takes being a blader very seriously. Because he is Xander's right-hand man, Yugo refuses to allow other opponents to battle the former without defeating him first.

Yugo has high regard for honor and playing by the rules, given that he was furious with Daigo when he admits that he had cheated during their battle. This also revealed Yugo's aggressive side when he wanted to hurt Daigo, but was stopped by Ukio.



Beyblade Burst (anime)[]

Beyblade Burst (manga)[]




Beyblade Burst
Opponent Episode Result
Valt Aoi 16 Lose (1-2)
Ken Midori 20 Lose (1-2)
Unknown Blader 22 Win (2-0)
Daigo Kurogami 23 Lose (1-2)
Wakiya Murasaki 26 Lose (0-2)
Shu Kurenai 33 Lose (0-2)


Valt Arc
Opponent Chapter Result
Daigo Kurogami 08 Win (1-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 09 Win
Valt Aoi 09 Lose (0-2)

Manga Appearances[]

Valt Arc[]


Daigo Kurogami[]

The two did not have much of a relationship at the beginning. However, after hearing that Daigo cheated and used an illegal move to defeat him, Yugo is shown to be angry at him. This probably created a negative relationship with one another. However, by the time of the Team Tournament, it can be assumed that Yugo has since forgiven Daigo for the incident.

Xander Shakadera[]

Yugo has a very strong friendship with Xander, evidenced by how he acts as his right-hand man and refuses to allow others to battle Xander without going through him first. Xander often tries to encourage Yugo to loosen up, especially when he introduced him to Valt and his group of friends.

Quon Limon[]

Yugo and Quon know each other well, as the latter was once a member of the Sword Flames. Yugo was visibly excited upon seeing Quon visit from his training journey, and was happy when he decided to come back to the dojo for good. While Quon was still at the dojo, Yugo often acted as the referee for his and Xander's matches.

Ukio Kibuki[]

From what has been obseverved, Yugo and Ukio seem to be on good terms, at least since the latter joined the Sword Flames after Quon left. Yugo was also the one who told Ukio about Quon and Xander's strong friendship/rivalry. The two boys are often seen talking with one another, and in one instance Ukio stopped Yugo from attempting to harm Daigo after he admitted to cheating and using an illegal move against him.


  • "So you noticed me, did you?" - Yugo's first line
  • "Nice to meet you. I heard that the runner up from the tournament was coming here, so I've been keeping an eye on you. Just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. You're kinda clumsy."
  • "I can't believe you fell for those simple obstacles. I mean, seriously... Sorry, you're no samurai."
  • "All right! Up here, I'm gonna be the one in charge. Doesn't matter if you're old friends! I'm Xander's right-hand man!"
  • "They're not 'pricklies', okay? They're spikes!"
  • "Here's the deal, kid. I don't have to get you. In this stadium, I just have to Burst you!"
  • "Getting worked up doesn't suit your face, just so you know."
  • "It's no use. This match belongs to me."
  • "The Shadow-Walker doesn't usually show himself, so we don't always know where he is."
  • "Cheaters have no right to Beyblade! That's not what this game is about!" - After Daigo explained his illegal move
  • "Looks like a turtle” - poking fun at Valt’s drawing of Xcalius
  • "Xander and Quon are good friends, but I'd say they're even better rivals."
  • "Quon's the ice to Xander's flame. They were always competing against each other. Always pushing each other to the limit."
  • "I think he was looking for something new." - Yugo telling Ukio his thought's on Quon's departure.


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  • Like other characters in the Burst cast, Yugo's family name contains a color. "Nansui" makes use of an older kanji character for green (翠), which would've been more common in the time of the samurai.
    • The kanji was created to reference the kingfisher bird as well as the bird's green color. Yugo's hairstyle seems to be influenced by the crest of a kingfisher.
    • Today, the kanji seems to be used for the shade of jade green, as is used for Yugo's clothing.
  • As seen in Episode 16 of Beyblade Burst, he's a great trap maker, which Valt fell in.
  • Yugo's zodiac is Leo.