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Yui (ユイ Yui) is a young blader and Kazuki's younger sister.

Personality & Characterists

She was very shy and doubtful at first during the episode 37.


Yui appeared along with her brother, Kazuki in Rock Scorpio's Deadly Poison where she launches her bey at Kenta, after Kazuki's loss. She and Kazuki tell Kenta about how Busujima and his gang have been manipulating their bey-park. When Sora is training to get stronger, Yui helps him. She is kidnapped by Busujima's gang to lure Kenta into battling Busujima to steal his bey-ponts. She is freed by Kenta.



Kazuki is Yui's older brother.

Sora Akatsuki

Yui lost the stadium as she meets Sora and Sora tries to get the stadium back from Busujima but ends up losing. He soon wanted a rematch but the other gang, Yui, Kazuki, and Kenta didn't allow him too after the brisk training that was constantly done a gang corners Kenta and Kenta orders Sora to battle Busujima, Sora gets a good start but Busujima set oil in the stadium after creating fire with that oil from the fierce battle Gingka takes it out with his Pegasus, soon Sora won against Busujima and got back the stadium.