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Yuki Mizusawa (水沢ユウキ, Mizusawa Yuuki) is a main character in Beyblade: Metal Fury. He is a Legendary Blader and is one of the Solar System Bladers representing the planet Mercury. He is a very smart and intellectual blader that uses Mercury Anubius 85XF.


Yuki has brown spiky-hair with hair sticking up in a curve and hair at his downs coming on his cheeks. He wears glasses and has blue eyes. He wears a sky blue blazer with dark blue highlights and white trim with a red tie which has a star design in the middle and a white shirt. He also wears dark grey shorts with a belt, white socks and black shoes with with grey highlights.


Yuki is a friendly person with a humbled character. He addresses everyone formally with "Mr./Miss", even his close friends (only in the english anime). He is revealed to be a really smart person though and was also the "voice of reason" of the group before Dynamis was introduced. He easily gets scared or anxious. But he gets stronger as the season advances. In Dynamis, Guardian of the Temple, it is shown that Yuki has Ophidiophobia and has knowledge about the Mayans.



When he was a young boy, his grandfather told him the story of the Star Fragment in the same place Gingka Hagane grew up in. He was told to not let it fall in the wrong hands.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

The New Star Fragment

Yuki is sitting in his observatory waiting for the star fragment that was supposed to arrive and he witnesses as it splits up into 10 pieces and one comes shooting down at his observatory. When Yuki awakes, he sees that his bey is shining. He realizes that he needs to tell Gingka and the others about this development so he leaves but isn't aware that Johannes is following him.

Yuki observing the Star Fragment

Later, Johannes engages him in a battle to prevent him from telling Gingka and the others. Yuki is continuously beaten down until Kyoya arrives whom Yuki asks for help but he declines. Not very soon after, Gingka arrives and helps Yuki to which Johannes takes his leave. Yuki says that Gingka is a Legendary Blader but before Gingka can ask what this means, Yuki passes out.

The Legend of Nemesis' Revival

When Yuki wakes up, he informs Gingka and the others of the legend of Nemesis' revival which his grandfather told him. Ryo proposes that man is most likely from Koma village because that legend has been passed down in the village.

He then leaves on a journey with Gingka and the others to find the legendary bladers. Yuki calculates that one could have fallen on a remote island and they go there to check. There they find out that the Legendary Blader is none other than Ryuga who defeats Kyoya Tategami and then Gingka. Yuki battles him to make him join them and he awakens as a Legendary Blader. Despite that, he is still defeated.

Later, he trains with Kenta Yumiya and later with Gingka and Kyoya on the island to master his legendary power. He combines forces with Gingka and Kyoya to stop the lava which was coming out of the volcano that just erupted. They are successful. Kenta later leaves the group to get strong on his own

Gateway To Success

Later Gingka and the others head to China where they train for an upcoming tag-team tournament called the Gateway To Success where they suspect that another Legendary Blader may be. Yuki becomes Gingka's partner and together they defeat Chao Xin and Mei-Mei and later Dashan Wang and Chi-yun Li, improving their teamwork. In the fiercely contested final battle, he and Gingka lose to Bao and Aguma who is a Legendary Blader.

Destroyer Dome

Later after meeting Team Excalibur, he goes with Gingka and the others to Europe where he and the others learn about a bey known as the Sword of the Gods and later he is a spectator to the Destroyer Dome tournament where they learn that a blader named King and his Variares D:D is also a Legendary Blader.

Mist Mountain

In the aftermath of the Destroyer Dome tournament, Yuki and the others go to Mist Mountain where they meet the Guardian Of The Temple, Dynamis after he helps solve a puzzle. He tells them the real legend of Nemesis' revival. When Johannes and the others arrive there, he is one of the bladers to engage them in a battle. Kyoya laves the group after a fight with Aguma.

Beyster Island Tournament

Later at the Beyster Island tournament, Yuki participates alongside Gingka, King, Masamune and the others. He losers because he was not able to make it in time to the final point. There he also learns that Chris is also a Legendary Blader.

The Revival of Nemesis

Later he goes to the Mayan ruins where Nemesis is being revived with Gingka and the others where he battles Aguma but soon Tithi shows up with Kyoya and Yu and takes his place. He then goes on ahead with Gingka and fights a Nemesis blader, Cyncus while Gingka battles Chris. After winning, they go to the chamber where Nemesis is. Here he witnesses Proto Nemesis, Zeus's Barrier and the birth of Diablo Nemesis. He fights it alongside the other legendary bladers (except Aguma) but have to retreat due to the temple colampsing. At headquaters the team discuss a plan of attack.


Anubius Unleashed.jpg

Special Moves

  • Brave Impact:Yuki's first and only special move. It was first used against Ryuga in 4D005. In the english anime, he first used it against Nemesis.


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Johannes 4D002 No Outcome
Sala (tag w/ Kenta) 4D004 Win
Sala 4D004 Win
Ryuga 4D005 Lose
Gingka Hagane,Kyoya Tategami 4D006 No outcome
Kenta Yumiya 4D006 Win
Chao Xin and Mei Mei (tag w/ Gingka) 4D009 Win
Two Ryumon Round 2 Bladers (tag with Gingka) 4D010 Win
Dashan Wang and Chi-yun Li (tag w/ Gingka) 4D011 Win
Aguma and Bao (Tag w/ Gingka) 4D012 Lose
Aguma, Bao, Johannes, and Beylin Fist (tag w/ Kyoya, Dynamis, Gingka Benkei, Nile, and Demure) 4D022 No outcome
Tournament Bladers 4D023 Win
Tournament Bladers 4D024 Win
Benkei Hanawa 4D025 No outcome
Chris, Aguma, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ King, Gingka, Benkei, Zeo Abyss, and Toby) 4D026 No outcome
Aguma 4D033-4D034 No Outcome
Chris and Cycnus (tag w/ Gingka) 4D035- 4D037 Win
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers (except Augma) Masamune and Yu) 4D039 No Outcome
Yu Tendo and Tithi (tag w/ Chris) 4D041 No Outcome
Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus, and Herschel (tag w/ Legendary Bladers (except Ryuga) and Yu) 4D042 Win
Rago and Pluto (tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune , Yu and Tsubassa) 4D045- 4D048 Eliminated
Nemesis (tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa, Yu, and Masamune) 4D049 Eliminated
Kyoya Tategami 4D052 Lose (presumingly)



  • Yuki is the only Legend Blader that does not own a 4D System Bey.
  • He is the second character in the Metal Saga to have an Egyptian themed Beyblade, the first being Nile.
  • He is the only character introduced in Metal Fury who has a last name.