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Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend, known as Z Achilles 11 Xtend (ゼットアキレス・イレブン・エクステンド, Zetto Akiresu Irebun Ekusutendo) in Japan, is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. It was released as a Starter in Japan on March 17th, 2018 for 1512円.

Energy Layer - Z Achilles A4

Main article: Energy Layer - Z Achilles A4
In-depth information for Hasbro’s Z Achilles A4 Energy Layer will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Forge Disc - 11

Main article: Forge Disc - 11
11, unlike most other odd numbered Core Discs, is symmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Frame. Each side features one large protrusion to create the visage of an "11" with one protrusion featuring a large "1" shaped indent to create an unbalanced design, however the shallow depth of the indent creates no noticeable effect. Compared to other Core Discs, 11 is one of the lightest, even lighter than most non-Core Discs. This light weight severely hinders 11's Attack, Defense and Stamina potential and while the light weight would create high Burst Resistance, the heavy weight of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System and the Cho-Z Layer System makes the use of lightweight Discs for Burst Resistance obsolete.

Performance Tip - Xtend

Main article: Performance Tip - Xtend
Xtend is a Performance Tip with a manual height-change gimmick, akin to Metal Fight Beyblade's Change Height 120 Track and a wide flat base that has a small sharp tip protruding in its center, akin to a wider Fusion. Like Fusion, when launched straight down into the stadium, the protrusion in the center will keep the Beyblade stable and still in the center, preventing Stamina loss. When Xtend is either knocked off balance by an opponent or launched at an angle, the flat base will make contact with the stadium, creating an aggressive movement pattern with speeds equal to Assault. However this aggressive movement is unreliable as the protrusion can slow the Combination down in the center of the stadium or stop the movement entirely and the greater surface area makes it difficult to maintain a banking pattern.

By pulling and twisting the Tip, Xtend's height can be changed. When using Xtend's Lower Setting, it is the height of a standard Performance Tip, allowing the Layer of the Xtend Combination and the opponent to impact each other directly. When using Xtend's Higher Setting, in theory, its height would increase contact between the Xtend Combination’s Disc and Frame and the Opponent’s Layer. Such contact would prevent the Xtend Combination from Bursting and instead cause the opponent to Burst. In practice however, the height of most Layers and the minimal change in height means that there will be contact between the Layers regardless. Furthermore, Xtend's height change is less than that of Tower, a Performance Tip that already has performance issues due to too little height change.

When combined with the Xtend+ Chip, Xtend is classified as a different Driver and as such, any differences in performance will be listed on the Xtend+ page.



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  • This Beyblade is named after Achilles, a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War and was the greatest warrior and central character in Homer's Iliad.
  • The red armor for Z Achilles' avatar is a blend of Greek gladiator and Medieval Knight armor.