Not to be confused with Zeo Zagart from the original Beyblade series...

Zeo Abyss is a former member of Team Star Breaker, representing America in Beyblade: Metal Masters. His Beyblades are Evil Aries 145S (younger), Flame Byxis 230WD,(used to) and Screw Fox TR145W2D(using now).


Zeo has long spiky hair with beige highlights. He wears a black suit with a white collar and white highlights. In 4D, he gets a new average look which is a brown jacket with a white shirt and black pants, similar to his previous outfit prior to joining HD Academy.


Zeo is a very friendly and respectful beyblader. He was a large part of Team Star Breaker and their second most powerful beyblader. Zeo makes friends very easily due to his open and cheerful personality although in the beginning, he envied Masamune and Toby because they were much better at Beyblade than him. Zeo respects all of his opponents and uplifts them to do the best they can, this is the same case with everyone else he comes in contact with.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Background History

Zeo was born in America. After taking up a love for Beyblade, he joined the Dungeon Gym and made a new friend Toby. The two trained together, studying each other like Teacher and Student. At some point, Masamune Kadoya, a boy from Japan, arrived. The three became the best of friends and trained at the Gym everyday. However, Masamune left to Japan with the desire to become the "Number One Blader in the World" and help afford Toby's treatment. Zeo, however, did not know this and thought that he had betrayed them.

Big Bang Bladers

Zeo makes his first cameo appearance in the episode "Daylight Street Battle" when he defeats Ian Garcia on a live WBBA Telecast. He makes his first real appearance in "My Friend's Name is Zeo". Zeo debuts when he re-encountered Masamune, who was in America for the World Championships with his team Gan Gan Galaxy. He acted as if he was happy to see Masamune and did not disclose that he was a member of Team Starbreakers. He and Masamune have a friendly match that ends in a no contest because they both recalled their beyblades. After he leaves Masamune and his friends he goes back to the training facility and trains by defeating several bladers but then challenges Ryuga who was being tested at the facility. He is defeated by Ryuga and then genetically engineered to become more agressive to become a stronger blader. He searches out Masamune and challenges him to another battle. He nearly defeats Masamune until Gingka blocks him but Zeo is able to defeat them both anyway. In the first round of Team Starbreakers vs Team Gan Gan Galaxy, Zeo defeats Masamune after he returns to normal. When Dr. Ziggurat launches Hades City, Zeo refuses to help and is dragged away by HD Security Guards. After he escapes he helps defend Masamune from Faust and joins their battle.


Beyblade Metal Masters
Opponent Outcome
Ian Garcia Win
Masamune Kadoya No Outcome
Regional Finalists (Tag w/ Masamune & Toby) Win (Flashback)
Ryuga Lose
Masamune Kadoya & Gingka Hagane Win
Masamune Kadoya Win

Faust (Tag w/ Masamune Kadoya )


Beyblade Metal Fury
Opponent Outcome
Tsubasa Otori (Tag w/ Toby ) No Outcome
Team Garcias (Tag w/ Toby and Tsubasa ) Win
Masamune, Jigsaw,King, Tsubasa Otori (Tag w/ Toby) Lose
Toby No Outcome
Chris (Tag w/ Toby) Lose
Johannes and Bao (Tag w/ Toby and Benkei) No Outcome (Interrupted by Ryuga)
Ryuga (Tag w/ Toby, Benkei, Johannes and Bao) Lose



  • Zeo and Byxis' special move is very similar to Ryutaro's Distortion Drive, however, unlike Distortion Drive, Byxis can move the opposing bey and toss it, etc.
  • It is unknown what happened to Flame Byxis after Metal Masters, because in Metal Fury, Zeo now uses Screw Fox.
  • He's suitable to Screw Fox because his hair is similar to Fox's hair.
  • He has the same first name as Zeo Zagart in the original series.
  • Zeo last name Abyss, is also a bottomless pit sometimes connected to the underworld or hell, which may be a reference to Hades Kerbecs , the top bey on Team Star Breakers.
  • After he was affected by the Arrange System, he appeared more aggressive and evil.
  • He was the only member of the team who didn't like to rely on the Arrange System because he believed he could win without it.
  • All of the beys he owned are all balance types.


Metal Masters

Metal Fury


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