The Zero-G Launcher is a String Launcher version created for the Synchrom System. It was released under the Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline on August, 2012 for 円893 in Japan.[1]



ZG Launcher(string)
The Zero-G Launcher is designed to be the Zero-G successor of the popular String Launcher (BeyLauncher) used heavily during the MFB metagame. What made the String Launcher so popular, was because instead of using a ripcord; it used a string which created much more power for launcher than a normal Ripcord Launcher (Light Launcher.)

The Zero-G Launcher appears to have taken the Zero-G Light Launcher into its design, as mainly resembling it. However because it uses string, it will obviously remove the ripcord input for the handle.

While the whole design is mainly blue, its prongs are black.


It is said that it will be more powerful than the Light Launcher and while yet unknown, the breaking problems of the original String Launcher might just be fixed.[2]