Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF is the second Zero-G Random Booster under the toyline, Beyblade: Shogun Steel by Takara Tomy. Its product number is BBG-17, and it was released on July 21, 2012.


ZRBV2 Contents


Archer Gargole, Blood Ver.

  • Guardian Gargole M145SB - Gargole Chrome Wheel
  • Archer Ifraid W145SB - Archer Crystal Wheel (Reddish)
  • Samurai Revizer SA165Q - SA165 Spin Track (Purplish Red)
  • Shinobi Orojya 160WSF - WSF Performance Tip (Purplish Red)

Guardian Revizer, Spring Ver. (Unofficial)

  • Samurai Revizer SA165Q - Revizer Chrome Wheel (Green and Orange stickers)
  • Guardian Gargole M145SB - Guardian Crystal Wheel (Green) and SB Performance Tip (Yellow)
  • Pirate Gryph 160CF - 160 Spin Track (Yellow)

Guardian Revizer, Dark Ver. (Unofficial)

  • Pirates Revizer M145CF - Revizer Chrome Wheel (Yellow and Purple stickers)
  • Guardian Saramanda W145Q - Guardian Crystal Wheel (Black)
  • Shinobi Orojya 160WSF - 160 Spin Track
  • Archer Ifraid W145SB - SB Performance Tip

Samurai Ifraid, Summer or Winter Ver. (Unofficial)

  • Archer Ifraid W145SB - Ifraid Chrome Wheel and Stone Face
  • Samurai Revizer SA165Q - Reddish Orange Crystal Wheel
  • Archer Ifraid W145SB(mentioned above) or Guardian Saramanda W145Q - Orange or Blue Spin Track
  • Pirates Gryph 160CF or Pirates Revizer M145CF - Orange or Blue Performance Tip

(Note: Depends on what you customize your Ifraid, If using the Blue Spin Track and Tip, It is called the Winter Version but if using Orange Spin Track and Tip, it is called the Summer Version)


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