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Zest Achilles Illegal Quattro'-4 (ゼストアキレス・イリーガル・クワトロダッシュ-4, Zesuto Akiresu Irīgaru Kuwatoro Dasshu-4) is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System and the Burst Ultimate Layer Series. It was released in Japan on August 6th, 2022 for 4200円 as apart of the Zest Achilles Customize Set.

In the toyline, it is the successor to Infinite Achilles Dimension' 1B.

DB Core - Achilles

Main article: DB Core - Achilles

Takara Tomy's Achilles is a dual-spin DB Core that features an armored face and a shield, akin to its predecessors such as the Achilles Gatinko Chip and the Z Achilles Layer. The design represents the DB Core's namesake, the Greek mythological hero, Achilles. Although lacking any gimmicks, Achilles has high Stamina potential in both spin directions, and is generally used in left-spin Stamina combinations, as it has the highest Stamina performance out of all left-spin/dual-spin DB Cores. As a dual-spin DB Core, Achilles's spin direction can be switched between right-spin and left-spin with an included tool.

BU Blade - Zest

Main article: BU Blade - Zest

Takara Tomy's Zest is a dual-spin Balance Type BU Blade that can switch between 3 configurations by changing the placement of the Zest Sword attachment: Speed Mode, Attack Mode, and Defense Mode. Unlike other Blades, Zest has a very thin design, which is supplemented with the Zest Sword. Like its predecessors, the Union Base and the Infinite Ring, Zest can be used without the Zest Sword attachment. This mode, referred to as the Speed Mode, is the weakest of the 3 modes, as it has a thin perimeter and a very light weight. In Attack Mode, the silver "sword" parts of the Zest Sword lines up with the silver "sword" parts of the Zest BU Blade, creating larger contact points for Attack combinations. In Defense Mode, the "sword" parts of the Zest Sword instead cover up gaps, creating a rounder shape.

Notably, Zest is the first in the Achilles line of Layers to have dual-spin capabilities. Like the Spriggan line of Layers, Zest can switch between spin directions by flipping the BU Blade. The ability to use right-spin or left-spin, combined with the 3 Zest Sword configurations, as well as the Low and High Mode inherent to Blades, means Zest has a total of 12 different modes. While these modes create different shapes which in theory leads to high versatility, in practice Zest is too thin and too light to excel in any role. Its Attack power is much lower than other options such as Guilty, and its Spin Equalization (Stamina) is lower than that of Astral and World. It has poor Same-Spin Stamina compared to BU Blades such as Wind, and the thin perimeter and light weight means Zest is unsuitable for Defense combinations.

Armor - 4

Main article: Armor - 4

Takara Tomy's 4 is an Armor with its weight focused at four points. While 4 has a heavy weight for an Armor, it suffers from the issue of being hollow towards the center. This creates poor weight distribution, causing the combination to tilt, being unable to stay upright. For this reason, 4 should only be used in Attack combinations for weight, although it is also outclassed by 0 and 2.

Forge Disc - Illegal

Main article: Forge Disc - Illegal

Illegal is a circular DB Disc with high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) and Stamina. Four large gaps separate the center from the edge, which are intended to further increase OWD and Stamina. Due to its smooth circular perimeter, Illegal has high Life-After-Death (LAD).

Performance Tip - Quattro'

Main article: Performance Tip - Quattro'

Takara Tomy's Quattro' is a Dash Driver variant of Quattro, featuring increased Burst Resistance due to a stronger spring. Like its regular counterpart, Quattro' features an adjustable tip with four modes: Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Balance. Due to the gimmick, the tip sits at a taller height than an average Performance Tip.

The Attack Mode features a flat rubber tip of a small diameter, similar to Xtreme'. Due to the rubber and surface area to friction ratio, the Attack Mode is aggressive and, if launched with a Banking Shoot, has a controllable movement pattern. While the rubber tip creates high speed, it also causes a quick loss of Stamina, and will wear over time.

The Defense Mode features a free-rotating metal ball tip, similar to Orbit Metal, but smaller. This mode has excellent stamina due to the low friction of the metal tip, and the free-rotating ability. The Defense Mode also features an outer ridge that helps keep a Quattro' Combination upright once it begins to topple.

The Stamina Mode features a metal sharp tip, similar to Wedge'. This mode features decent stamina due to the low friction of the metal sharp tip. Due to being a pointy sharp tip, the Stamina Mode is vulnerable to Destabilization.

The Balance Mode features a flat rubber tip with a sharp plastic tip in the center, similar to Unite'. When knocked off balance or launched at an angle, the rubber will make contact with the stadium floor, creating aggressive movement akin to the Attack Mode. However, when launched flat, the pointy sharp tip will make contact with the stadium floor, resulting in a Quattro' Combination staying in the center, with the rubber acting as brakes to help prevent Knock-Outs.



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