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Zyro Kurogane vs. Shinobu Hiryuin: The Blazing Rematch is the second battle between Zyro and Shinobu in episodes 5 and 6.


Prior to Showdown! Revenge Match!, Zyro Kurogane trained with the help of the manager of Bull Burger and former Blader, Benkei, and Maru, he trained hard day and night to increase his physical strength and master his battle skills in order to have a rematch with his rival, Shinobu Hiryuin, after suffering a crushing defeat just days prior.

Later in the 1-Day tournament, he learns that his opponent in the finals is the Invincible Salamander himself, who believes that Zyro still does not have the skills to even come close to matching him, much less surpassing him.



Zyro vs. Shinobu

When the battle begins, Zyro has Samurai Ifrit hit Ninja Salamander with powerful force, while Shinobu has his Bey circle around the stadium as Ninja Salamander does barrage attacks on Samurai Ifrit, but Zyro starts to push back. He goes for another attack, but Salamander disappears and continues its signature barrage attacks from behind.

Shinobu continues to make Saramanda disappear and strike Ifrit, much to Zyro's frustration. After many barrage attacks from Saramanda, Zyro commands Ifraid to spin around the stadium with a trail of white light following behind. Shinobu watches as Salamander is being pushed to the stadium's outer edge by Ifrit's speed. However, Shinobu has prepared for this and reveals that Salamander's Switch 145 Spin Track is in Defense Mode, which in turn allows Salamander to cling to the Zero-G Stadium by a thread. Zyro is angered by this and tries his attack again but is halted when Slamander narrowly dodges the onslaught. Zyro and Shinobu then begin to trade equal blows with each other with no end in sight. Just then, Zyro has Samurai Ifrit move in an unreadable vaariation of his spiral attack that others see as a suicidal attempt. Zyro is suddenly surrounded by a blazing yellow-orange aura and yells a new special move "Burning Uppercut", which unleashes the Ifrit beast and the Beyblade is engulfed in a blast of fire. The attack sends a scorching Salamander out of the stadium with Shinobu utterly shocked. Zyro wins the 1-Day Tournament with the crowd around him roaring in excitement.


As Zyro is enjoying the crowd cheering for him, Shinobu states that Zyro has battled well and was shocked by his almost instataneous evolution and he is proud of his skills. Zyro thanks him for it and the two decide to bury the hatchet as partners and friends.